Case Study: International Student Recruitment


Tess Ryan, Marketing Communications Manager (Acting) at Griffith International, works with Social Garden to co-ordinate digital recruitment activities in different countries. After huge success trying new platforms in 2018, Griffith International is looking forward to continuing to explore the digital space.



Tess Ryan:

So, I work at Griffith International in the Marketing Communications team, and we work across Griffith International to facilitate the marketing communication needs specifically around the recruitment of international students to Griffith University.

So we needed a way to coordinate digital recruitment activities in different countries that we had chosen, for different programs, and that’s why we sought the services of Social Garden.

We needed to be able to go into that media space in different countries and get out our message through those different channels, so Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Display Network. Also, Social Garden assisted with basically putting together that strategy of going out and doing some of that brand awareness to build up some of our audiences, and going that next part which what we really needed, which was that lead generation,

First of all, we looked for a digital agency, obviously, and we are also very keen to work with a company like Social Garden that had experience in Higher Education. And on top of that, as an additional layer, experience in marketing internationally in the digital space. So there are few levels of complexity there and Social Garden were an excellent choice.

The campaign that we undertook with Social Garden for digital recruitment, definitely put us in what we think is a great direction, in terms of what markets we go into, how we go into them. I think it’s confirmed for us what we should be going in the digital space and on top of just what we should be doing in terms of where should we going, and what platforms, and which channels, it’s also honing our content creation as well.

One aspect, which was a really easy marry up for us, was that we already use the Asana project management tool, so that was fantastic. It also highlights I think that the Social Garden comes with some great project management skills as well. So I have a number of people in my team working on the project so to have them very easily slide in and integrate with that system and be able to communicate and meet deadlines, get all of our copy and content and assets, up to speed and up to scratch very quickly, and effortlessly was good.

We are doing another digital campaign this year which is great. In terms of changing, I think what it’s done is set us in a really good direction. And we’re looking forward to continuing to moving in that direction.

I would recommend Social Garden to my peers, specifically in digital marketing in the international space for Higher Education. The campaign that we did with Social Garden was really exciting for us. We went onto different platforms that we haven’t tried before such as Snapchat and Instagram stories, and we saw some great results.

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