Case Study: Personalised Marketing Automation

“We wouldn’t have won that AMI Marketing Team of the Year award without your help getting us out of the blocks with marketing automation which has transformed our marketing efforts. It’s a pleasure working with you and the team and glad you like the award :). Here’s to an epic 2018!”

“Many thanks Alice, you and the team have played a big role in helping us boost our marketing automation efforts and transforming our approach towards hyper-personalised marketing.”

— Tyron Hayes


In March 2017 Social Garden was briefed by Curtin University to develop creative concept options for an engagement tool, to be incorporated into their high-school leaver nurture campaign. At this time Curtin University was looking for opportunities to utilise functions of Marketing Automation, the University was hoping to build upon their overarching hyper-personalised content and marketing strategy.

Curtin University’s existing database of prospective high-school leaver students was generated over several years via different lead generation channels. Containing varying degrees of prospect information, the university identified information gaps as an ongoing issue with the database. In other words, the university had a large list of leads, however, had little information about each contact aside from an email address.

The Curtin Marketing Team identified that a tool was required to profile and segment existing contacts and to also form part of an ongoing lead generation campaign. It is here where key information would be collected in the initial stage of one’s enrolment journey with Curtin University.

Social Garden proposed two engagement tool options, both having a similar theme but a different degree of complexity and price point. The complexity lay in the tool format – still images/text versus video. We recommended that both options would deliver an engaging experience for the target audience, however, due to the tight schedule the lower price point option was chosen as it was able to be built and delivered in the desired timeframe.

The selected creative concept was an engagement tool program where prospective students receive an email about getting ahead with their career and tips to succeed with their study/ career goals.

The email content was specifically written to encourage the audience to click on the Find Your Curtin Match button which then clicked through to a Marketo landing page. By clicking on the button, that contact then became trackable in Marketo, meaning Curtin University could start collecting useful browser information on each trackable user. This includes the number of times the contact has visited the website and which course page they are browsing.

The Landing Page collects information via a survey-type format. Prospects are prompted to answer questions about their study habits, future goals and preferences and are ‘profiled’ as belonging to a particular persona based on responses. Response data is then scored and classified, and based on the scoring structure, prospects are then segmented in Marketo into four persona types.

Twenty student ambassadors were interviewed and grouped into one of the four personas. Social Garden then selected the best candidate per persona and turned their interview answers into tips and content which was then delivered to prospects upon completing the survey. By filling out the survey, prospects received their personal profile match with great student advice, direct to their inbox.

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