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Sales Cloud Implementation

The Challenge

JG King Homes struggled with low CRM adoption across their sales team. This made reporting inaccurate and meant the business wasn’t able to effectively manage the performance of their sales team. It also meant they were leaving cash on the table, with many leads not making it into their CRM.

After reviewing a number of solutions, JG King settled on Salesforce and enlisted the help of Social Garden to manage the implementation and rollout of Salesforce across the business.

Starting with the customer

In a series of workshops, Social Garden brought together staff from various roles in the business to define and map the current and future state of JG King Homes’ customer journey. Armed with a detailed overview of the customer’s expectations, thoughts, feelings and ‘job to be done’ at each stage, Social Garden was able to map and scope a new CRM solution.

As part of the scoping process, Social Garden developed a data dictionary (all fields and mandatory fields for each stage) and intent markers which can be used to identify where a prospect is at in their sales journey.

Simplifying adoption for the client

Social Garden worked closely with executives and sales managers to ensure the functionality and reporting of Salesforce ticked all the boxes; demo’s were conducted at key milestones during the project to confirm the functions matched up to the businesses requirements.

Once Salesforce was implemented and tested, Social Garden began the training the sales managers and sales consultants on how to use the system effectively. This was done via a number of focused workshops. Social Garden also created ‘how-to’ videos to further support the consultants and make onboarding new consultants easier in the future.


Sales Cloud Implementation

Call Centre

"2-years ago, we decided to migrate our CRM to Salesforce with the help of Social Garden. Since implementing Salesforce, our sales team are more engaged with our customers and more effective at managing their pipeline. Salesforce has given us greater transparency on KPIs that drive key decisions within the business every day."

-Jess Geogan, Marketing Manager

House & Land packaging made easy

JG King Homes’ key requirement was to create a tool for sales consultants to be able to create house and land packages using product information from Salesforce. In conjunction with another partner, Social Garden developed a native tool to make it easy for consultants to produce marketing material for house and land packages within Salesforce.

Managing products

Another essential requirement was to centralise all product information within Salesforce. Social Garden developed a process to make managing products within Salesforce simple; using a custom ‘home design’ object to manage all products and integrating Box to manage all of the file storage.

There is a daily export that updates products and pricing across all digital channels including website, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, making it easy to maintain and update products.

Key Insights

Growth in the pipeline: 28% growth in sales opportunities Adoption: 100% adoption rate

Key Learnings

Strategy Before Software Map the customer journey before choosing your solution.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Ensure you involve people from all parts of the business in the rollout.


Salesforce is an amazing tool and can be heavily customised to suit your needs.


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