See how we used our Melbourne-based call centre to skyrocket appointment requests for a Victorian home builder

Converting leads to sales for JG King Homes

We’ve been partnered with steel frame home builder JG King Homes since 2015. Alongside our lead generation and marketing automation services, JG King Homes also leverages our Melbourne-based call centre for inbound and outbound calling, creating a huge opportunity for the business to convert leads to sales.

Creating the optimal first impression means meeting consumers’ rising expectations to be there whenever (and wherever) they’re considering their options. For a volume home builder like JG King Homes, improving speed to call is the key to maximising appointments and driving ROI.

65 minutes

Average speed to call

24% of leads

Converted into appointment requests


Sales generated following qualification*

The case for call centre marketing

Phone-based conversion is nothing new, but it’s still a missing piece of the puzzle for a lot of our clients. Engaging a call centre presents more than just fresh opportunities to connect with prospects, it also helps support your sales team and improve the customer experience. But navigating this requires a degree of flexibility and speed.

For complex, non-linear journeys such as building a new home, the chance to engage with a real person as part of the process is essential. These journeys are anything but straightforward, and prospects rely on trusted navigators to steer them through unfamiliar waters. Creating an additional touchpoint through a call centre was an important step in personalising the JG King Homes’ experience, making prospects feel supported and building trust in the brand.

Unlocking personalisation over the phone

Our Melbourne-based call centre worked closely with JG King Homes’ sales team to create
a seamless process for them, for us and for consumers:



Upon a lead submitting an enquiry, the Social Garden call centre attempt first contact after 20 minutes, to further qualify the lead and pass them on to JG King Homes’ sales team in a direct warm transfer


Lead notification alerts

Lead notification alerts update the sales team when a new lead is added in a seamless integration of lead data into JG King Homes’ CRM


We deliver real-time reporting coupled with detailed monthly insights to provide transparent audience insights

Collaborating with JG King Homes, we identified the data points they wanted to capture at this stage of the process, unlocking personalisation to improve the customer experience and subsequent sales conversions.

Our call centre agents are trained to capture key intent markers like:

• Time frame to purchase
• Product of interest
• Consideration stage (visiting display homes, considering other builders)

Our call centre team were also extensively trained to know the JG King brand and product offering inside-and-out; this way they would be able to funnel prospects while still allowing the sales team space to support and convert the sales qualified leads.

For JG King Homes, an authentic and relevant phone conversation has proven to be one of the best ways to understand propensity to purchase. Being able to contact a prospect quickly and focus on their needs puts forward the sentiment that this is a brand who cares about their customers, establishing credibility and trust.

A seamless handover process

Our call centre platform uses SMS notifications and email, ensuring the handover process was a straightforward one for both the agent and property buyer. Alongside detailed handover notes from our agent, this approach helped to free up the JG King sales team to focus their time and attention on converting sales qualified leads.

One of the biggest wins for JG King Homes has been the smooth data integration. Our system integrates with their SMS, CRM and email. This investment in technology plays a pivotal role in creating a successful omnichannel experience.

A seamless handover process

Results accountable for sales

Our Melbourne-based call centre is highly effective with JG King Homes, working to support the conversion process, improve sales and enhance the customer experience. The results from our partnership have been huge, and we look forward to continuing to refine and improve the process to drive more sales opportunities.

Key results from 01/01/21 to the 01/11/21

65 mins

Average speed to call


Total calls


Total connected calls

691.56 hrs

Total talk time

In FY21, our call centre qualified and transferred

58% of leads

into a next conversion step (Engaging with the sales team directly)

In FY21, our call centre qualified and transferred

24% of leads

into appointment requests

104 sales generated

following qualification by the Social Garden call centre in FY21

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On-demand Webinar: Intro to Marketo Engage

What do we cover?

  • Lead management fundamentals – stages & scoring
  • Defining your audience using smart lists
  • Multi channel nurturing
  • Creating, managing & personalising content
  • Operational best practices
  • CRM Sync – data sharing & sales enablement with lead scoring and sales insights
  • Reporting & attribution through performance insights

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