6 Trends Shaping Digital Marketing in 2022

From augmented reality (AR) to shrinking attention spans, it’s hard to ignore the trends that are already shaping digital marketing in 2022.

By tapping into each of these movements you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to converting and retaining your customers.

Here’s how to stay savvy in the coming year.

1. Using Augmented Reality in Marketing

As augmented reality (AR) gets more popular and accessible, it will also take on a bigger role in the customer experience in 2022.

Since it has become more widely used in e-commerce and retail, 63% of customers say augmented reality improves their shopping experience.

Meanwhile, 61% of online shoppers say they prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR, while another 35% say augmented reality would make them shop online more often.

From AR previews that let you see how new furniture looks in your home to AG filters that let you try on makeup, AR is becoming an expected part of the customer experience.

While the big retailers are leading the charge in this space, AR is also shaping entertainment and digital advertising.

Make AR part of your marketing strategy in 2022 to help your customers make more accurate, confident purchase decisions. This will also increase satisfaction and retention rates.

2. Take Control of Customer Journeys

While customer journeys are far from new, 2022 will see marketers taking an even closer look at each digital touchpoint.

With our increasing ability to map customer journeys in detail through social media and customer relationship managers like Salesforce, marketers can now improve these journeys with more control.

Make sure your customer is supported at every stage of the journey, even after the purchase so that they rave about your brand and stay loyal.

By controlling (and personalising) as many touchpoints as possible, you can harness the true power of a winning customer experience to boost sales.

As one of our top picks for digital marketing trends in 2022, it’s time to make your control over the customer journey a priority.

3. Create Even More Digital Touchpoints

Aside from controlling your customer experience, there’s another way to create a customer journey that performs in 2022.

By increasing your number of touchpoints, you can better guide your customers along their journey to making a buying decision.

It’s a proven framework for preventing customer drop-off because it generates trust in your brand. It’s also a way of increasing customer satisfaction as you’re there to alleviate their concerns and address their considerations at every decision.

Don’t forget to increase touchpoints at every stage, and that means the all-important post-purchase experience which can increase referrals and new leads.

4. Copywriting for Conversion

Give your copywriting a bit of love this year to supercharge your conversion rate optimisation.

Grab your audience’s interest with a compelling hook and keep it with clear easy-to-read sentences optimised for mobile.

2022 is a year to make a big promise and tug on customers’ heartstrings, addressing their biggest pain points and how you can solve their problems.

Be sure to focus on benefits not features and infuse copy with emotion to create memorable messaging.

With personalisation increasing conversion rates by 202%, it’s also time to take your calls to action (CTAs) to the next level.

5. Post-iOS Updates

It’s hard to deny that regular updates to iOS have a notable impact on advertising.

But by keeping tabs on these updates, your 2022 campaigns can be more effective than ever.

We recommend performing iPhone vs Android split tests to expose differences and determine how you can tweak your campaigns for optimal performance and results in light of the regulations.

For more on how to maximise return on ad spend (ROAS), get in contact with us and find out how we run an effective post-iOS 14.5+ advertising campaign.

6. Ditch Attention for Value

Remember the good old days when marketing was all about grabbing user attention?

Sadly, this isn’t going to cut it in 2022.

Studies now show how much our attention spans have shrunk over the past few years and that they’re getting even smaller.

Continuing to bank on people’s attention will only see your costs rise.

Instead, marketers need to think differently about how to attract customers.

Create meaningful value through your product and an authentic customer experience so that customers seek you out and keep coming back for more.

Wrap up – digital marketing trends 2022

As we come out of the pandemic, this year will see us looking forward to an ever-advancing world of digital marketing.

Tap into these top digital trends to maximise marketing budgets and achieve conversion goals in 2022.

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