Social Garden Marketing Tips

Tip #1 Split Testing

“Always have a plan B strategy. Digital allows you to test and measure everything.”

Tip #2 Branding

“Never underestimate the power of brand consistency for customer loyalty and brand recognition.”

Tip #3 Reputation

“Always peer review spelling and grammar of creative before it goes live.”

Tip #4 Productivity

“Know who comes next in the process. Leaving work debts reduces team productivity and rapport.”

Tip #5 Audience

“Know your consumer and the trusted advisors around them.”

Tip #6 Lead Qualification

“Identify marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads, and segment them in your CRM.”

Tip #7 Strategy

“Use digital marketing data to inform your above the line advertising.”

Tip #8 Partners

“Find a strategic partner with a customer base you want access to.”

Tip #9 Problem Solving

“Identify the solution that will make the greatest impact – and quickly.”

Tip #10 Mobile-first

“Plan and design landing pages mobile-first for social media traffic.”

Tip #11 Social Media Page

“Refresh pages every 4-6 months with updates such as a messenger bot for customer enquiries.”

Tip #12 Sales Alerts

“Use sales alerts to update your team whenever prospects visit your website.”

Tip #13 Phone Sales

“Use offline conversions to contact prospects in minutes, not days.”

Tip #14 Lead Nurturing

“Create custom ads and audiences for the people you are nurturing via email.”

Tip #15 Integrations

“Match your marketing automation and CRM naming conventions.”

Tip #16 Campaign Launch

“Get clients and producers on the same page by mapping out every step of a campaign by role.”

Tip #17 Channel Mix

“Tag sales enquiries to measure channel effectiveness.”

Tip #18 Measurable Solutions

“Track and measure change over time. This is the best indicator of solution stickiness.”

Tip #19 User Generated Content

“Encourage customers to share their experiences, and use this in your marketing.”

Tip #20 Keywords

“Optimise your bidding strategy towards high-intent keywords.”

Tip #21 Search Targeting

“Modify search bids to focus around retail stores or high-value customers.”

Tip #22 Be Human

“Marketing’s not always a sales pitch. Focus on the value you deliver.”

Tip #23 Landing Pages

“Align your advertising copy with your landing page creative to boost conversion.”

Tip #24 Instagram Stories ads

“Don’t let your CTA get lost in the content.”

Tip #25 Post Engagement

“Use Post Engagement to build audiences for direct response campaigns.”

Tip #26 Personalisation

“Let customers know that the more info they provide, the more personalised their experience will be.”

Tip #27 Custom Call-to-Actions

“Use a custom CTA on a landing page based on the search query.”

Tip #28 Data Integration

“Integrate web forms to move the data to your CRM.”

Tip #29 Consistency

“Have a consistent brand presence across all platforms.”

Tip #30 Optimisation

“Optimise your campaigns to reflect the stage a user is at.”

Tip #31 Video Marketing

“Use video to simplify complex pathways to purchase.”

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