We Are the First Snapchat Bronze Certified Partner in Australia

Social Garden is a Snapchat bronze partner

What really packs a punch is being first, and knowing what to do once you’re there.

At Social Garden, we’ve been given a great opportunity. Our belief in marketing through social media platforms to deliver unique insights has seen us awarded with Bronze Status from Snapchat.

This means a little bit more than a 100-day Snapstreak.

It means the ability to generate analyses with more precision, explore opportunities with greater conviction, and deliver increasingly tailored marketing solutions to our clients.

All of this stems from the heart of Social Garden. Growth.

Being a trailblazer is exciting, sure. But what excites us is what we’re going to be able to do with our new partnership with Snapchat.

Not only do we have a first mover advantage, our clients can expect to access exclusive benefits which will be especially crucial when using Snapchat for student recruitment.

Beta access to a range of Snapchat products will start in early 2018 with the launch of Snapchat Conversion Pixel, which will amplify the precision of lead conversion from the app.

Further product launches will see us get first access to deliver innovative solutions to clients, as well as make additional budget requests for new clients and initiatives.

This is only the start of our Snapchat partnership, and we have so much more to strive for and achieve by this time next year in our Snapchat marketing.

As a company that has consistently gone from strength to strength, Social Garden is constantly on the lookout to further tailor lead engagement and conversion.

A Bronze Partnership is a good start. Let’s make it silver in 2018.

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