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Welcome to the Garden! Today, I’ve got Pip with me and we’re going to be talking about turning events into opportunities. So Pip, you’ve got a lot of experience working in events, of course open days and school visits.

One of the questions that we continuously get asked is whether the events are actually translating or transitioning into enrolments or applications. What are some tips for our clients to make sure they’re maximising their event audiences?


The basics, you just have to have an iPad or a clipboard or some way of capturing the data and the information of your attendees. So, it’s not very complicated. You just need to make sure you know as much as you can about everyone that’s attending.

So, name, life-stage, email address is extremely important, and everything else that goes along with that as much as you can. And the next step would be inputting all that data into your CRM or your marketing automation platforms so mapping the fields to making sure everything’s tidy and then just inputting in there so you got all everything there to go.

You build your database up and that can lead into the nurturing activity which will take place over the next year or couple of years. Next, you wanna map out that nurture the omni-channel nurture that should be a collaboration of SMS, email, social and what if I ask you kind of wanna integrate into that.

And then you want to connect the messaging through the year so you want to be making sure that your mapping out your year and how you want to roll things out.

You want to start off quite soft and reputation building and then coming up to a normal period, application period. You wanna be pushing people towards applying and directing them towards kinda your admissions portal and a bit more of a urgency-


Direct sales?


Yeah! A direct sales urgency to the messaging and then you want to also remember that you want to treat your high engaging audience differently than your less engaging audience.

So, you just want to be able to segment at your database based on the activities that they are going through and make sure that they feel like you are tailoring and personalising the messaging to them.

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