The 3 Step Guide To Instagram Business Success

Below is an excerpt out of our latest E-Book – ‘The 3 Step Guide To Instagram Business Success’, we hope you enjoy it. Oh, and if you’re interested in reading more, click on the link to download the full version for FREE.

‘The 3 Step Guide To Instagram Business Success’

If you are a business owner or marketing manager looking to tap into the ENORMOUS potential of Instagram and you are interested in discovering how you can use it to drive sales for your business, make sure you read this all-you-need-to-know summary.

The Major points we cover:
1. The basics of Instagram
2. Opportunities for Businesses
3. Five key tips for building your business a loyal following

1. What are the basics that everyone must know about instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing smart phone app designed to help people and businesses capture a moment, or an instant, and quickly put it in front of their friends and followers.

Over 150 million users worldwide, with 1.6 million users now in Australia. This number has grown at a rate of 900% p.a. for each of the past 2 years.

The centerpiece of Instagram is the News Feed, where you can flick through new photos from the friends and brands that you follow, with the ‘like’ and comment functions allowing you to show a little love along the way.

Beyond the news feed, you have your Profile Page, which is essentially a snap shot of your followers, who you are following and an overview of all of your photos.

Instagram has also recently included 15-second videos as well as messaging capabilities, beyond just uploading photos.

Even more exciting for businesses, 2014 has been announced to include the much-anticipated rollout of Instagram display ads in Australia, but more about that later in the article…


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  1. Logan says:

    Thanks for the ebook ! This is some really good stuff. We’ll be using this in our Instagram strategy for sure. Can you do one on Google+ for business success?

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