3 Best CRM and Marketing Automation Software Combinations

crm automation matches made in heaven

Customer relationship management (CRM) software and marketing automation software are two entirely different things. Too often though, these terms are used interchangeably. In this article, we’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts for the perfect combinations.


What does customer relationship management mean?

CRM software is mostly used by sales teams for tracking customer interactions. It deals with lead forms, phone calls and emails. Finally, it holds additional customer information, such as personal information, phone numbers and even credit card numbers.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is aptly named for making marketing more streamlined and simpler to use. The software tracks a lead from their initial contact through all other lead nurturing activities. It “keeps an eye on” actions such as signing up for a webinar, clicking on certain pages of your website and liking your company page on Facebook. The system will follow your audience as they become more involved with the brand—and eventually loyal customers.

By automating certain tasks marketers can interact with clients no matter what time of day it is. If a customer filled out a sign-up form for email newsletters at three am, marketing automation sends a welcome email right after the customer sends in the form.

The software also tracks leads and compiles information so marketers can see how effective their marketing endeavours are at any given point.


Best CRM and Marketing Automation software combinations

When you combine these two tools, you get a one-two punch duo that helps your sales and marketing teams store all information to deliver a well-crafted marketing pitch that gives customers exactly what they need.

Once a lead is strong enough, it is passed from marketing automation software to CRM software.  At this stage, your sales team will take over as they log calls and emails to complete the sale.

Here are our top pairings for CRM marketing automation tools.

best CRM and Marketing Automation Software

Power Duo nr 1: Marketo – Salesforce

If you’re already working with Salesforce, there’s only one marketing automation system you need: Marketo.

Marketo and Salesforce are both considered to be high-end software. Thus, it makes sense that the two should come together to help you track your leads and provide consumers with the best possible experience.

Marketo is one of the leaders in the marketing automation industry. Its software is technically complex, but using it is surprisingly simple. The software strives to make marketing automation as streamlined as possible. It stores customer data and transforms it into useful data that marketers can use to create more targeted campaigns. Additionally, the software combines email, inbound, content and social media marketing so you can take care of it all from one system.

Salesforce is known for its versatility. Companies can work with Salesforce to tailor the software to their exact needs. They can detail how to store customer data and all the functions Salesforce can do.

With contact and opportunity management and sales forecasting, Salesforce gives users all the tools needed. It keeps customer information organised so that business operations and contacts are much smoother.

Marketo’s investment price is worth it for all the great features the software provides. Both of these software are usually best for large corporations and companies. Salesforce offers a small business edition that costs a bit less, but still delivers the useful features listed above.


Best CRM and Marketing Automation Software

Power Duo nr 2: Eloqua – Netsuite

When working as a team, Eloqua and Netsuite provide everything your business needs to succeed. Both of these systems are hailed for their user-friendliness, and they deliver results without sacrificing service.

Eloqua is Oracle’s answer to marketing automation. The software lets users automate campaigns, yet still provides them with plenty of opportunities for customisation. Marketers will have access to all the main channels such as email, social media, display search, mobile and video marketing. Eloqua makes it easy to create and manage campaigns across them all. This software also provides users with plenty of data to help marketers better target leads and keep the nurturing process going strong.

Netsuite is considered to be user-friendly, and it offers users all the tools necessary to record and track customer information. What’s unique about this software is that is can connect to your business website and track activities on the site. When clients visit certain sites or pages, Netsuite will know, and it will organise the information into a form that you can apply to your marketing strategy.

Netsuite’s tracking information will only help you add to your campaigns and make them stronger than ever. Eloqua will help you promote your brand’s message, no matter what channel you decide to use.

Best CRM and Marketing Automation Software

Power Duo nr 3: Hubspot – Infusionsoft

If you want a stronger marketing automation tool and a more-laid back CRM, this is a great option.

Hubspot does so much with marketing, and Infusion—while a strong CRM—can be an inexpensive alternative. It’s a great combo for a small company in need of more help with marketing rather than storing customer information.

Infusionsoft makes the sales process as seamless as possible. The CRM software helps users attract the strongest leads and guide them through the nurturing process. Infusionsoft also has a unique coaching system that helps new users learn the software and build their skills. When questions arise, a personalised coach will be able to help with answers.

For building strong campaigns, Hubspot will be your best friend. This marketing automation software offers plenty of fantastic features all rolled into one. From A/B testing to managing SEO, Hubspot will help you track and nurture your leads and ensure that any leads you pass on to your sales team will be strong indeed.

When you combine the functionality of a CRM with the drive and power of marketing automation, you get a killer combo that helps you store customer information and put that information to good use in your marketing endeavours.

Bring these two powers together, and your marketing campaigns will be too good to miss!

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