How to Start Segmenting Your Database

Segment your database now to profile prospects and drive hyper personalisation.

Catherine Hand:

One of the first ways to segment your database is to start with a general nurture stream. Now, the general nurture stream is normally just a simple email sequence of probably two to six emails. The point of this is to gain insight into what people are interested in. Beyond that, that’s when we can start segmenting based on people’s interests.

Lachlan Dunn:

Cool. So what is a good example of segmentation?


If a lead is really interested in vegetarian based recipes versus meat recipes, you can find that out in the first step of the general nurture and then once they’re segmented into meat based and vegetarian recipes, then you can use dynamic content within that email copy to switch out based on their interest that they’ve indicated.


Awesome. How do we know when to stop asking for information? Do we ever have enough information?


We never stop asking for information because people’s preferences can change. Someone who was really interested in meat could suddenly say “No, I’m a strict vegetarian.” Then we would need to make sure we change up that email copy, depending on when they change their interest. We’re always asking because life situations change.


On top of data segmentation, how can we use things like behavioural activity to inform our emails?


You can trigger them off of any sort of webpage activity. Whether it’s a page view or a link clicked on a webpage. Off the back of that you can – if someone’s looking at vegetarian based recipes – follow them up with an email three days later, to ask “Hey, did you find everything you’re looking for? Here’s some more vegetarian recipes based on what you’ve been searching for.”


Awesome. What would be your number one takeaway tip?


My number one takeaway would be to segment your database from day one. As soon as you start segmenting your database then you can really start driving personalisation within your email campaigns.

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