How to Nurture Leads to a Successful Deposit

We recommend keeping your digital marketing strategy transparent. Celebrating the wins. And crucially, ensuring a smooth handover between marketing and sales (that means no radio silence).

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Nik Sproal

Hi Guys, welcome to the Social Garden First Home Buyer Series. Today George and I are going to be talking about the deposit stage. Welcome George!

George Glover:

Thanks Nik!


So George at this stage, the key issue is reducing fall overs. What are your top three tips?


Yeah look, I think the top three things to think about at this stage is, transparency, celebrations, so celebrating the wins and thirdly a smooth handover from sales to operations.


Let’s break down your first point around transparency. What are you talking to specifically here?


Yeah, I think the key to this is really about managing expectations for the buyer. So making sure they understand what the next step in the process is going to be and you know that can be delivered through a content nurture.

But making sure it’s clear, so that they know what’s coming next.


So George, let’s break down your second point around about celebration piece. What are you talking to specifically there?


Yeah, I think this ties in really nicely to what we’re talking about previously or the nurture piece. So look, the path to purchase is quite a lengthy and arduous process for first home buyers so we want to celebrate the fact that they’ve come to the end of sort of the tricky part, I suppose.

And deliver that through content nurtures. The other piece is we want to give them information and content that they can- that just reinforces that they made a good decision which they can share with their family and friends.


Let’s talk to your last point about the handover piece, what are you talking to specifically there?


Yeah, I think, look – I think this will be a pretty common one for most developers is that all too often, you know, it’s a great experience a sales person is really engaged and then there’s a deafening silence once the prospect actually deposits.

So again that’s obviously not a great experience for the prospect. So that’s really about how do we make it a really smooth handover from the sales person to the operational, the construction manager or whoever is going to deal with them through the build process?




If you’re ticking all those boxes, you’re going to massively reduce your risk for the prospect to fall over or cancel after the deposit.


Sounds like a good place to be.


Thank you for watching! Looking for more information? Download our Customer Journey Mapping Framework.

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