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I think what’s important about the whole kinda marketing automation piece is really having robust content, that really addresses the early stages of the buying process because I think, a lot of their time, people read online “oh, I need to do marketing automation or I need to do content marketing” and they kinda buy the software where they start just hacking out content and then the reality of the situation is that content working in isolation is not gonna produce a good result. Market automation working in isolation is not gonna return, produce or return an investment. What’s important is thinking about content segmentation. So what type of content does a consumer need to hear, need to read and consume at the beginning of their journey. What type of things are they gonna think about when they’re in that consideration set mid-way through the funnel, and what are the kinda final things that are gonna hit those nails into the coffin to convert that lead or that opportunity into a sale. And I think, that’s one of the key things that we’ve learnt, it’s kinda as we’ve been on the marketing automation journey, from an internal standpoint is that we need to have a really well defined customer journey, we’ll have a really well segmented content and we really need to think about who are the buyers and what is their job to be done and what are the core segments that we’re gonna focus on.


I think, I absolutely agree. Content is key. And I think, you gotta look at the way that content is shifting. You know, if you’ll look at it 10 years ago, if I’m in Sydney or you’re from Melbourne, the first place you went online was google, and then you’ve fired up the age, you’ve fired up city morning herald, and that’s what you consume while you’re drinking you’re latte in the morning before you go to your, you know, it’s just it might be on the bus, but that’s what you were consuming. Today’s that shift has been dramatic whether you’re consuming your news is your facebook newsfeed, or it’s your instagram newsfeed, and you know the advents of buzzfeed or you know, any of those content marketing platforms, you know, people want the listicles. They want the 14 or the 9 or the 7 or the 15, you know people want it in digestible format and reading in long format, while there is still a place for that in the world, it’s not what most people want to consume and I think, you know that content piece, is, all when you start to automate that, you gotta look at what, what are the people are consuming today. What are the trends, where are they going, and you know, for sure, they’re moving away from traditional long form print media. There’s no question! That form will be as I believe as quaint and antiquated as the notion of going to the library to access information.

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