10 Game Changing Responsive Website Designs

Brand marketing and how to build a website for mobile

When it comes to designing the perfect website for your company, you want the very best design possible, something that will easily translate across multiple platforms of technology.

You might have heard about responsive website design, but not have known much about it or why it’s so popular. Responsive websites use the latest in HTML and CSS coding to create smooth, user-friendly web design. Your designer will then be able to create apps that can be used on any mobile device.

Why is this a big deal? Because Google prefers it. If you build a responsive website that is the same on all devices, Google will almost always push it higher up in its search results over other sites that use two sites, one that works on computers and one on tablets and phones, for the same company site. That’s a huge automatic benefit for you over your competitors.

Thinking about your design? Here are 10 great responsive website designs from real companies that are leading the way in terms of design:

1. Design a Watch
Timekeeping need not be a hassle any more. Design a Watch lets you customise your very own watch any way you like. Its playful design walks you through each and every step of the designing process.

2. AC Laschet
This portfolio, created by the designers at Delicious, likens to the architectural designs of the architects it represents. Potential clients can easily scroll through and see what AC Laschet has to offer.

3. Adopt Wales
This agency is dedicated to helping families in the adoption process. It is beautifully designed, complete with stunning visuals and videos. Nearly all of this design is also available on their mobile site.

4. VeloSport Online
This online store hired the team at HoohaaDesign to take care of its brand. The store expertly showcases the product, and nothing gets lost between the desktop and the smartphone.

5. Manual
Manual showcases a wide variety of sleek kitchen utensils that make cooking look so effortless and elegant. This simple website lets buyers easily browse and purchase exactly what they need.

6. Oscar Health Insurance
If there’s one thing you want access to no matter where you go, it’s your health insurance. Oscar Health’s site easily translates over to a mobile device and makes it exceedingly simple for users to access their information quickly.

This unique food blog makes sure that mobile users with their tiny screens come first. Visually stimulating and perfect for any foodie, this site boasts recipes, reviews and fun trivia games for any user anywhere.

8. Ben the Bodyguard
This awesome site protects your contacts, photos, notes and other important information stored in your phone. This site itself asks you to scroll down a busy street as you walk with Ben, who explains the need for his services. Though the app is no longer available, Ben the Bodyguard remains a good example of responsive website design

9. New Zealand

New Zealand’s story is told in a similar fashion as Ben the Bodyguard’s. Users can scroll down to learn more about the people and culture of New Zealand with the site’s interactive features. This cool experience transfers to mobile devices so you can explore all the cool pages of the site wherever you go.

10. Creative Knight
Creative Knight turns the home page into an interactive menu, which is a great feature for anyone using a mobile device. Readers can easily click through all the different aspects of the site and learn about the work the designer has done.

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