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Alice today I wanted to ask you one question in particular and it’s a question we get from a lot of the education clients. A lot of clients we worked with but particularly the education providers, and that’s around how do they measure the success of their campaigns and the effectiveness of the channels that they are using to know what’s working.


Yeah! So the first piece of advice I could give any organisation, is you need to make sure you’re capturing your lead source. So for higher education, that might be an open day or school visit as a digital campaign such as Facebook.


Why is it that it’s particularly challenging for education providers to kinda measure success on campaigns.


Yeah! So it’s the nature of the organisation. There are so many moving parts, these different faculties, departments, they all operating on different platforms and they all have their own reporting frameworks as well.


Yeah, right. So then how do education providers kinda overcome this challenge?


It’s just going bit to that single source of truth and implementing a platform like a CRM that’s gonna capture all of the data from all of your different platforms such as your marketing automation, your student management system, and you know, some of your financial systems


And be able to kinda produce a single report that basically captures all that information in a succinct way, so that they kinda feed that back to the stakeholders whether they’re internal or external providers like us who are helping with enrollments so they kinda know where to allocate resources and scale stuff up or scale stuff down based on that kind of the impact..


Yeah! You start saying the gaps as well so where your fall overs are.

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