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Erica Sachse

Hey Caroline, so we just heard that Google released a new tool for search in Australia. Do you want to tell us about that?

Caroline Hass

Yeah, we’re actually so excited because Google in Australia, they’ve launched DFSA which stands for Demographic For Search Ads and basically this information was sort of available in remarketing and display before but now you can use it on your search ads and find people and target them.


So now what can we target them based on?


Yeah, so you can target demographic data, you can target their income, their age, their parental status and their gender.


So how do I know which demographics should I be targeting?


What’s cool is that for most people this data is already existing in your CRM, you just kind of have to pay attention, so what you should do is go to your customer list or your CRM and see who’s buying your products, what age they are, around what income status and what gender and what they’re looking for and update your bidding status accordingly.


And so what are some of the benefits of this new type of targeting?


A cool thing is that you can go as far as to exclude audiences. And it’s really granular that you can even do it to the adset level. So what you can do is look for people who are looking for a certain product. Let’s say you if you want to exclude a 15 year old investor who’s really enterprising but probably can’t afford your product, you can look for people that, say between the ages of 25 and 34 looking for your product and you can bid up and update your bidding strategy accordingly. What else you can do is really combine it with some of the features Google already has and update the device they’re looking on and the time of day and that way you really get a good picture of meeting your customers where they are.

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