Go for Growth: Ep.3 Know Your Marketing Spend

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Our whole ethos for a long time has been generate revenue, right? And I think, a big part of that is making sure that we’ve got the right analytics in place, so there’s a very clear correlation between me spending a dollar of advertising on behalf of a client, or an investment in technology, and really making that distinction very clear that this dollar of ad or this dollar invested into content is producing x amount of revenue.


And I think, Mike, the thing we’ve all struggled with is market over the years over the decades is, you know, it’s the old John, wanna make a quote around, half of my marketing budget delivers you know, most my sales, I just don’t know which half and we’re getting closer now to the point where, if your smart around you know, utilizing this technology, you really leveraging this technology. If somebody clicks at that point of the sale cycle, and you ascertain that, that is a click that is contributed – is really contributing to a sale then you stamp it and you take the claim. And I think, marketers really really needs to start thinking, how do I utilise this technology to validate what I do in my day to day job and I think that’s the power of it. It’s not just what it can do to the customers and converting and for the company, for what it can do for the marketing too.

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