How To Improve Facebook Advertising Performance

There is no faster way to burn through a advertising budget than a misguided attempt at Facebook marketing.

Digital advertising really is an art, but here are a few suggestions to get you moving in the right direction.

Target With Razor Precision

The biggest advantage of digital vs traditional advertising methods is the hyper-targeted approach you can take, so make the most of it!

Facebook Advertising is all about interest based targeting; advertisers have the option to expose their marketing message or call to action, to people who fit their most ‘likely to buy’ customer profile, meaning you get much better bang for your advertising buck.

Before setting up your ad campaign, get out a piece of paper and brainstorm ‘who’ your ideal customer is and the things they are interested in.

Some things you may want to consider (you can use it all in your targeting):

  • Age
  • Martial Status
  • Where they were born
  • Where they live
  • TV shows they watch
  • Software they use
  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Political Views

This is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience so get out there and do it!

Landing Pages

Driving traffic to your website from Facebook is all good and well, but what will really drive leads and customers to your door is a sales focused landing page.

There is a reason Google is the most visited site on the Internet, it is so simple and easy to use and doesn’t distract visitors with unnecessary options. There is one thing you are there to do, search.

Landing pages are designed with the same principal in mind, simplicity.

As opposed to most website design, a landing page offers the choice is simple choice between either an ‘opt in’ for a offer (the offer can be a free quote, free report or discount code) or don’t.

Indecision creates uncertainty, and uncertainty loses sales.

Integrate Facebook Retargeting

Have you noticed after visiting a website, you seem to be followed by their advertisements EVERYWHERE?

This is the magic that is retargeting, and now that strategy can now be implemented not only on the Google Display Network, but on Facebook too.

Using third party applications, businesses can now display a specific set of advertisements only to those customers who have previously visited their website, cutting ad spend and skyrocketing conversion rates.

Visitors who got close to purchasing your product, either by leaving before entering their card details or checking out your ‘contact us’ page without leaving an enquiry can now be directed back to a conversion focused landing page and given another chance to make a purchase or submit that sales enquiry.


All three of these strategies have the ability to instantly improve the return you receive of your social marketing campaigns, but used together they have been known to improve ROI by 1540% (in our experience alone).

If you need help with any of the things discussed in this article, feel free to shoot us an email on [email protected]


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Mike Bird

Michael Bird is the Director of Digital Strategy at Social Garden

A Gen-Y entrepreneur through and through, Mike works to bridge the gap between ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ business practices to generate reach, influence and revenue for businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.



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