Back to Basics: Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Back to Basics: Why every business needs a website

We’ve officially entered the Golden Age of the Internet, where Google is king and Amazon is queen, yet there are still many businesses that don’t have websites set up. Maybe the owners think they’re too small, just them and one or two employees, or perhaps their goods or service isn’t really something that can be sold through a business website.

While both may seem like valid points, the fact is that having a website for your business is an absolute essential, no matter what you’re selling or what service you provide. Not all people use the Internet simply for shopping. It’s also an invaluable research tool.

So, why is it important to bring your business online? Here are some facts on why is it important to create a website for your business.

Business Websites offer 24 x 7 access

brick and mortar store / online store
GAP’s flagship store in Ginza and their online store. GAP Flagship in Ginza by Kakidai 2012 | CC BY SA

Remember that not everyone is on the same sleep schedule as you. Many people work nights or work from home. They might not pass your store or maybe they don’t watch local TV or read the paper where you’re placing your advertisements. Your best bet at reaching those customers is online through a Google search. If your business has a website, they can take down a phone number or send an email to a contact address.

By simply having a website, your chances of being found by new customers increases indefinitely, much more than it would if you were to hand out a stack of business cards.

As Bill Gates says,“If your business is not online, then you will surely be out of business”

A website helps to create a lasting impression

With engaging traffic on your business website, there is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the visiting customers. While building a business website, you must ensure that it looks clean and is easy to navigate. This makes a big difference with consumers because a confusing one will drive them away quickly.

Showcase Yourself And Your Message

You should always have a message for your customers. Maybe you’re dedicated to creating environmentally-friendly products. Whatever it is that you do or represent, a web page is a great way to show off your talents and products for your customers to see.

design and service gallery
Select Kitchens’ kitchen design gallery.

Even if you do not want to sell online (although you should), you have to entice customers enough to come to your shop to check out your products. An image gallery will show off your unique talents and demonstrate the benefits of your business.

Business websites add credibility

Even if your business provides a service, such a plumbing or carpet cleaning, highlight what your service does best and the employees who make it happen. Post pictures of a bathroom in disarray and then an image of the same bathroom after you’ve completed your work or of a carpet before and after it is cleaned. Visual examples let your customers know what they’re getting and how effective your work is.

Of course, you might have too many employees to give each one a page or a blurb, but you can incorporate them into photographs and show them in action. If you offer an at-home service, some customers might like to see exactly who they will be inviting into their home. Pictures on your small business website help ease customers’ worries and add credibility to what you are doing.

Building a website provides better outreach

The traditional methods to market or advertise had limits in their area. They won’t allow you to target specific customers but things are quite different when you make your own website. It helps you to target your customers according to age, gender, location etc. It gives you the power to reach out to customers, even across international borders, and expands your business beyond the limits of your imagination.

Windows on Tuscany's responsive web design
Windows on Tuscany‘s responsive web design

Opportunity For Lead Generation And Feedback

The goal of any advertising campaign is, at its core, to generate leads that will turn into customers. Building a website can help you get the right kinds of leads that will better help you connect with interested customers, rather than to just a large group of people.

Many businesses like to ask for webpage visitors to sign up for their newsletters or fill out a quick form in order to access certain content, such as an eBook or blog, on their site. [twittee tweet=”Those who are interested in your product or service will go the extra mile for your content #digitalmarketing” content=”Those who are interested in your product or service will go the extra mile for your content” balloon=”Click link to Tweet” position=”topMiddle” theme=”light” id=”sg03″ ] and sign up, which means you now have a handful of great leads who need only a bit more convincing.

On an added note, your forms can also be a good way of judging how well your marketing efforts are working. By including questions such as ‘How did you hear about us?’ and giving several options, customers can tell you how they found you. If enough people give one answer, such as ‘search engine results,’ then you can better focus your marketing efforts in that direction.

subscription form

It’s easy to control an online business

Before the Internet, most people combed through the yellow pages when they needed to call a car mechanic or find a pet groomer. If you were not on the list, there were chances of less lead generation, only a limited people to call at your number.

With the help of an engaging business website, you are able to control your business the way you want. It helps you to post ads, display more products and also promote your specialty online.  

Every person has a laptop, computer or smartphone to search for the products or services they need. Here is an amazing opportunity to make your own website and increase your business. With a responsive business website, customers can start their journey with you at any time and from any place in the world.

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