External Advertising Agency vs In-House Digital Marketer

internal digital vs external agency

External Advertising Agency vs In-House Digital Marketer


Society’s astronomical increase in internet usage has meant that businesses can no longer afford to ignore the digital world.

Organisations have increased their annual budgets for digital marketing and this is set to continue to increase drastically over the next five years. Consequently we are seeing demand skyrocket for those who can ‘woo’ digital crowds and maximise the return of your online marketing spend.

The two main options businesses have is to hire an in-house digital marketer, or work with a specialist digital marketing agency.

In-house Digital Marketer

These are employees who work in your business and make up a crucial part of your marketing team.

The benefits of having someone in-house:

  • An in-house digital marketer has intimate knowledge of your business.
  • Are on-site and therefore easy to communicate with and keep track of.
  • Help you learn about your company’s digital presence.
  • They may also be more familiar with your business on different social media marketing platforms.

However, they can also:

  • Naturally have strengths/weaknesses within the digital world
  • Be more expensive than the alternative of outsourcing any specialist digital agency.
  • Require more hands-on management

External Digital Advertising Agency  

An external digital marketing agency is usually an affordable and scalable way to get started in the online world. With a range of online digital marketers working on different components of your strategy, you generally receive a better quality product.

The not so good things:

  • If they don’t take the time to understand your business model you can run into problems
  • Lots of dodgy companies in the marketplace claiming to be ‘experts’
  • More concerned with growing their own revenue rather than growing yours

The good things:

  • They REALLY understand digital and how to use it to make you money
  • Can create and execute a comprehensive strategy on your behalf
  • Have access to lots of digital data, allowing them a unique insight into which platforms are providing the best ROI on any given week (this can often change on an almost daily basis).

But now you need to know how to choose a digital marketing agency.  Consider the following:

  • Their experience in the field
  • How qualified their professionals are   
  • And most importantly, what kinds of projects they are handling and what results they have achieved.  

Whichever option best fits your business; ensure you find someone who is passionate about discovering your vision and helping you meet your online goals.

What do you think is better, in-house vs external?

Why is that?

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