How we achieved a 12.57% opportunity-to-sale rate for Sherridon Homes

Learn how we managed 1,020 leads for Sherridon Homes across 6 months, resulting in a lead connection rate as high as 76.37% and a lead-to-sale rate of 6.4%.

Getting leads to appointments

Sherridon Homes approached Social Garden to help deliver sales-ready, qualified leads who are ready to buy a home in Victoria. For internal sales teams, it's often hard to justify time commitments to leads from the internet.

Our Melbourne-based call centre is the perfection solution: it acts as a concierge, so sales agents can stop wasting time on unqualified leads and focus on closing sales-ready leads. We pride ourselves on calling all new leads freshly after enquiry; we qualify them, trim the fat, and create intent in people who are on the fence. We also give every lead the time they deserve, and as a result, move people from a non-committal stage of research on to display homes and in front of client sales teams.


Team Members

Max Schuler | Head of LeadConvert

Victoria Molin | Senior Account Manager

Santiago Garcia | Campaign Manager

Timeline: 2021 – 2022

Seamless integration & multi-channel approach

For creating qualifying leads for Sherridon, our approach involved:

  • Running inbound and outbound lines: we integrated seamlessly with the existing Sherridon 1300 number, and set up our own extension for sales-ready leads
  • Calling all new outbound enquiries within 2 hours
  • Ensuring all leads were qualified, and their motivations to buy were gathered before being handed back to the Sherridon sales team
  • Handing leads over to the Sherridon team instantly, as soon as our
    call ended
  • Making three call attempts: morning, afternoon, evening/weekend
  • Removing bad data (false details) or moving it into a specific nurture
  • Sending an SMS to the lead after the third call attempt, asking when is the best time to talk to them and providing a number that they can click and call. This inbound call is tracked to ensure our team know who is calling
  • Delivering hot handovers: if the call is made during the available hours of the sales agent, we can put the lead on hold, call to check the Sherridon agent wants to take the call, then immediately transfer the call across to that agent to create a seamless transfer

"It was so rewarding to help Sherridon Homes drive not only more worthwhile leads into their sales funnel, but also be directly involved in increasing their opportunity-to-sale rate. The excitement for their invigorated brand was palpable, and using this to help these excited potential first-home buyers was just as exciting for us."

— Max Schuler, Head of LeadConvert

Working hand-in-hand with lead generation

This LeadConvert (call centre) campaign ran to complement our existing lead generation efforts with Sherridon Homes. For this campaign, Sherridon was looking to target first-home buyers who were interested in new land in developing areas. The main target audience could be generally characterised as aged between 25 and 50, most likely married, and primarily motivated by design and price in their purchase decisions. They require peace of mind during a daunting first-home buying process, and the majority of decision makers were females in this dynamic.

Adapting on the run

During the campaign, we discovered that Sherridon's key audiences resonated with emotional messaging. So, we shifted our calling framework to be more focused on motivations and dreams for buying. We asked leads for qualifying information via broader, more open-ended questions, like where they saw themselves in a few years or what their dream home looked like to them. Another key optimisation was shifting our conversion focus from 'hard' booking in-person appointments, to 'warm' transferring. This meant that we transferred leads to sales agents so that they could book appointment times with the leads themselves, and ensure there were no timetable clashes.

Results to write home about

Over 6 months of outbound calling...

1,020 total leads managed

70.29% average lead connection rate

6.4% lead-to-sale rate

12.57% opportunity-to-sale rate

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