Generating Sales Ready Leads for Oak Tree Retirement Villages

Learn how Social Garden helped build a qualified database of leads prior to the launch of Oak Tree Coffs Harbour retirement village.

Get to know the campaign

Oak Tree Retirement Villages, a trusted name in retirement living with over 30 projects across Australia, partnered with Social Garden in March 2021 to launch their newest village, Oak Tree Coffs Harbour.

To succeed, the lead generation campaign would need to:

  1. Create awareness for the launch
  2. Release content in stages aligned with the buying journey & motivations
  3. Build a qualified database to re-engage with
  4. Generate sales ready leads for the Oak Tree sales team


Conversions across Facebook & Google


Leads generated over a 3 month period


Profiled lead rate

How we generated sales ready leads

Nailing the message in the pre-launch phase was central to building momentum. In order to understand what messaging prospects needed to hear to convert, we encouraged leads to complete a profiling page, providing us with rich data on their preferences.

This included intent markers like whether they needed to sell their existing home, their preferred budget, motivation for moving and household. These data points gave us a more complete picture of where leads were in the purchase cycle.

The benefits of this are twofold…

  1. The insights help to support the sales team in their conversations
  2. The better we understand our audience, the more personalised, relevant messaging we can deliver

Using creative testing in advertising

Oak Tree Coffs Harbour has a number of unique selling points. The product itself offers modern and secure independent living, home to 53 villas with a range of amenities for residents. It’s in a great location that the local audience already knows and loves. Oak Tree is also a household name in the sector.

But which of these benefits would convert prospects into leads, and leads into sales?

To find out we tested and optimised, leaving no stone unturned. Leveraging AI and A/B testing strategies across the ads and landing page helped us to provide the right messaging to support the decision making process at each stage, from pre-launch through to on-market.

Dynamic advertising

  • We used dynamic Facebook and Google ads to personalise the ad experience
  • This approach allowed us to test a range of messaging combinations
TIP: Facebook users will often convert on different content to Google audiences who typically have higher intent

Creative assets

  • We trialled different images and creative formats
  • This included applying text overlays to combine visual elements with key messaging
TIP: Apply creative insights from your advertising to your landing page

Landing page

  • We split tested the content about the fold to see which messaging resulted in the highest conversions
  • SMS verification was added to further improve the lead quality
TIP: We also tested different content sections on the landing page such as testimonials to understand the impact of social proof

In March 2021, we partnered with Social Garden to launch our new retirement village in Coffs Harbour, which is currently under construction. The team at Social Garden have been wonderful to work with and are very quick to respond. The campaign has been a great success so far and the team at Social Garden have done a great job at remaining very attentive to the ongoing campaign.

- Anna Bindon,
New Projects Oak Tree Group


With the launch of a new village in an exciting location, we expected heightened interest in this coming soon stage of the campaign. Now over 3 months in, we’ve established that the over 55s age group is far savvier than their predecessors when it comes to online research.

They are consuming far more digital media than the generation before them, but there is still a large gap in the market when it comes to targeting this audience. From the high levels of engagement, conversions and CTR in the campaign, we can see that this is a group hungry for more information and all the benefits of a personalised experience.


Results and insights snapshot


Conversions across Facebook & Google


Leads generated over a 3 month period


Profiled lead rate

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