How we generated 41 leads in the first month for Kirra HQ's commercial workspaces

We teamed up with Hipwood Commercial to generate leads for their revolutionary new commercial workspaces, Kirra HQ, in sunny northern NSW — and we converted leads at 6.07% in the first month alone.

Results to write home about

In just the first month of this campaign, we...

Generated 41

from Social Garden's own campaign, from a total of 138 leads when combined with Kirra HQ's own website conversions

Converted leads
at a rate of 6.07%

with our Meta retargeting audiences converting at up to 7.4%

Profiled leads at

Our ideal profiling rate is above 70%, so we're rapt to have surpassed this in M1

Leveraging existing brand awareness for 'hot' leads

Located near picturesque Kirra Beach in NSW, Kirra HQ offers 25 beautiful commercial units. Despite benefiting from a degree of brand recognition from their affiliation with Harcourts Commercial — a well-known real estate group on the Gold Coast — they'd managed to pre-sell only half of their units before construction started. Wanting a higher influx of leads, Kirra HQ employed us to craft a more strategic and creative lead generation campaign. We began running a LeadTech campaign through Meta and Google advertising, which drives potential customers to our tailored landing page for Kirra HQ. The goal? Increase inquiries, and achieve a higher lead-to-sale conversion rate by leveraging existing brand awareness and strategic advertising.


Lead Generation

Case study timeline: March – April 2023

Team Members

Georgie Millard | Account Manager

Kiera Eardley | Copywriter

Kaan Gude | Head of Advertising

Claudia Thwaites | Designer

Kevin Malaluan | Designer

Laser-focused targeting

A highly targeted approach allows us to connect with the right audiences for Kirra HQ, delivering the right message at the right time.

Our primary target audience consists of owner-occupiers in the southern Gold Coast region, with a secondary audience of professionals near Brisbane who had previously bought holiday apartments in the region, and were looking for a workspace or storage.

In order to reach these audiences, we carefully constructed strategies for both Meta (Facebook) and Google.

For Meta, we created lookalike audiences, targeting individuals who resembled Kirra HQ web traffic or followers of the Harcourts Commercial Facebook page. Broad prospecting audiences focused on location targeting, and we retargeted those who had visited the Kirra HQ website or the Harcourts Commercial Facebook page. On Google, we focused on Kirra HQ brand keywords for brand-specific searches, capitalising on the existing brand awareness in the market. We also honed in on keywords like 'commercial property', 'industrial property', 'buy commercial real estate', among others. All of our search strategies included a 30km geo-targeting radius around Kirra Beach, since we'd noted that interstate investors were not expressing interest.

"Seeing the satisfaction from our clients is always the ultimate reward. Hipwood is so happy with the quantity & quality of our leads — and they've already seen one conditional sale from a Social Garden lead. This shows that intentional, strategic campaigns really do deliver remarkable results, even in the first month."

— Georgie Millard, Account Manager

Game-changing optimisations

At the beginning of the campaign, we were running with 'Construction is commencing in Q2 of 2023' messaging — and once this changed to ‘Construction commenced’, we saw the market respond really well.

We've since further refined this key headline messaging to ‘Construction has commenced’, we have seen that the volume of leads have been achieved at a much faster pace. This is likely due to the urgency this messaging causes in the market.

To coincide with this 'construction has commenced' messaging, we have recently updated our creative with video content that shows the construction process.

This aims to create more trust in the project as prospects can see that construction is physically underway, which is an important reassurance in a property market as tough as the one we're in currently.

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