TikTok Made Me Buy It: How TikTok Marketing Boosts Your Sales

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. TikTok is here to stay. More importantly, TikTok users are shopping for products online more than ever before. TikTok’s global consumer spending jumped over 40% from their previous quarter in 2021. Yet brands are still hesitant to get on the bandwagon.

If you’ve been on the app recently, you’ve probably seen the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend floating around. The hashtag has become viral, propelling brand and service sales while driving lifetime consumer spend on the platform to over $3.8 billion, putting it in direct competition with platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

So, how can you nail TikTok marketing strategies? Don’t panic, we’ve created a foolproof social commerce guide to optimise your TikTok marketing sales.

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What is the Best Strategy for TikTok? Here are 4 Growth Hacks for 2022

1. Understand Your Audience

TikTok’s diversification into shopping has arrived during a social shopping boom. In the wake of the pandemic, people are purchasing online more than ever before, and Generation Z is leading the charge. Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 are a growing demographic currently accounting for roughly 60% of TikTok’s audience.

The popularity of social shopping has helped redefine how businesses create relationships and approach TikTok marketing. However, to land a coveted spot on the ‘For You’ Page — you’ll need to create content that speaks to your audience.

2. Short, Fun & Entertaining

TikTok rewards positivity and inclusivity. Think about how you can apply a benefit frame to your product to address a pain point or add value to your customer’s lifestyle. The biggest pitfall that companies come across in this space is overpromising – don’t make claims bigger than you can deliver.

3. Think Your Product is Good? Prove It.

TikTok users are highly critical, but social proof can help you overcome consumer scepticism. Peer driven product reviews, tutorials and commentary will always be your strongest — and cheapest — TikTok marketing asset. In fact, 70% of Gen Z say that they refer to visual product reviews when making purchase decisions.

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4. Authenticity

Let’s face it – advertising fatigue is real. Consumers want a richer experience and despite most of us thinking we are doing a good job, Stackla recently reported that 51% of consumers say less than half of brands produce content that is perceived as authentic. Being critical about your work is essential to staying ahead of the curve. Below are some useful pieces of advice for generating that elusive authenticity we’re all looking for:

  • User Generated Content Audit
    TikTok users are 49% more likely to post mobile-based product and service reviews. Consider how you can shape this dialogue, mobilise existing advocates for new content and make the most of the positive sentiment already out there.
  • Lo-Fi Video
    The appeal of TikTok is tied to the amateurism of the platform. With minimal barriers to entry and a majority of video content captured on mobile devices, you’ll need to simplify to blend in and gain trust.
  • Find Your Niche
    TikTok hosts thousands of micro-communities throughout the app. Each group is unique, tight-knit and unequivocally supportive of its members. Whether it be #BeautyTok or #ChefTok, finding your niche will skyrocket your sales.

How Do I Sell on TikTok?

TikTok marketing strategies are all about nailing your content. Once you’ve done this, you can start to think about the more technical advertising aspects. The consumer journey, though never straightforward, is captured through TikTok’s end-to-end eCommerce marketing tools and functionalities. The platform has something for everyone, from prospecting to retargeting. Check out our beginner-friendly recommendations below!

Awareness: Product Links

Let’s start with the basics. Product links tag specific items in a video, organic or sponsored, is an attractive option for fast-moving products and promoting ‘For You’ page impulse buys. Better yet, this function enables you to guide consumers to your catalogue without leaving the TikTok app.

Consideration: LIVE Shopping

Livestreaming enables businesses to connect with their audiences in real-time and expedites the discovery process for viewers. LIVE also helps shoppers to learn more about your products and boosts perceived authenticity.

Decision: Collection Ads

Collection ads are product cards found at the bottom of In-Feed Ads. They are fast-loading and designed to guide your audience from awareness to conversion. Specifically, this type of advertisement drives traffic to your website to showcase top items and encourage multi-product purchases.

TikTok’s eCommerce capabilities are expanding rapidly, with new advertising avenues emerging every day. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create a winning TikTok marketing strategy or want to keep on top of the trends, get in touch!

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