How Social Garden achieved an 18% conversion rate on Caydon Property Group's appointment page.

How Social Garden re-invented the Caydon digital customer experience.

Caydon Property Group approached Social Garden to audit their current marketing and sales processes, map out the current customer journey and align their user journey to their business processes. This was designed to create a more automated and seamless experience for their customers and sales team.




Delivered end-to-end customer experience strategy

Built 3x project specific database enrichment nurtures


unique open rate above industry standards


conversion on the profiling landing pages


conversion on the appointment booking page


  • Customer Experience Workshop
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Focus Group Research
  • Melbourne-Based Call Centre
  • Strategic Content Strategy
  • Salesforce CRM Strategy & Development
  • Marketing Automation (Pardot)

Project Overview

In order to be successful, the project needed to:

Improve the Caydon customer experience

Implement a communication strategy where prospects arrive at the end of their buying journey feeling supported, prepared and confident in their purchase.

Refine internal sales processes

Establish clear business processes to allow for accurate sales forecasting and transparency on the sales’ team day-to-day activity (i.e number of appointments booked, etc).


The project was delivered over 5 key phases:

  • 1

    Current State Workshop
    Current State Workshop

    Mapping the Caydon ecosystem and establish pain points.

  • 2

    Focus Group Workshop
    Focus Group Workshop

    Understand the current user experience and map key fall over points.

  • 3

    Post Workshop Group
    Post-Workshop Report

    Overlay the sales process and customer experience.

  • 4

    Future State Marketing Strategy
    Future State Marketing Strategy

    Map the end-to-end customer experience strategy, including pain point solutions and optimisations

  • 5

    Nurture & Call Centre Implementation
    Nurture & Call Centre Implementation

    Maximise sales opportunities through automation and profiling.

“There’s no real secret to improving your customer journey and sales process. It’s simple. Listen to your sales team, and most importantly listen to your customers. We loved working with Caydon, their team embraced change and trusted us to guide them through the project from start to finish. The result? An end-to-end customer journey strategy, creating a seamless experience for their buyers and sales team.”

- Zoe Mulcahy, Account Manager, Social Garden

Understanding the customer journey, buyer segments and behaviour

The current customer journey and sales processes were identified through a combination of discovery workshops. The first being with Caydon’s IT, marketing and sales teams, bridging the gap between the teams and understand key pain points. The second with Caydon purchaser focus groups across four buyer types to understand the current buyer experience and behaviour.

Pain points were broken down across the customer purchase cycle as follows. As expected, each pain point was shared by both the buyer and the sales team:

  1. Contactability of leads
  2. Lead qualification
  3. Understanding intent
  4. Sales forecasting
  5. Handover of buyers to construction

Mapping pain points and customer journey future state

To increase conversion rates at each stage of the buyer journey and reduce potential fall over, Social Garden established business rules to delineate between marketing owned and sales owned statuses, lead ownership and SLAs for engagement. This was mapped out from initial enquiry through to deposit.

To further identify key opportunities and low hanging fruit, the future state map was overlaid with findings established in the workshop. Social Garden provided an action plan for each pain point utilising the following response framework:

What’s the problem?

Breakdown the specifics of the pain point and the impact on the business.

For example: Contactability of leads

  1. Sales being unable to reach leads via phone in the initial contact phase
  2. Buyers not feeling ready to be spoken to by the sales team

How do we fix it?

The structural changes we recommend you put in place to address the issue.

Provide multiple engagement options and set the right tone for delivering personalised customer experiences. Most importantly, let buyers feel as though they are in control.

Why is this important?

The specific positive impacts these changes will make.

  1. Increase sales opportunities: improve contactability to optimise lead to appointment conversion
  2. Reduce cost per appointment: deliver a more efficient lead management process

Deliver a strong user experience with project specific, hyper-personalised content

With the Caydon future state experience mapped and business processes established, Social Garden implemented a database enrichment program incorporating a combination of email marketing and progressive profiling. Our goals were to:

  1. Maximise the database through a progressive profiling nurture
  2. Bring forward more sales opportunities by pre-qualifying leads through the Social Garden Melbourne-based call centre


The Results


unique open rate above industry standards


conversion on the profiling landing page


conversion on the appointment booking page


of leads contacted by the call centre booked next steps with sales

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