Unlocking over $20 million in sales using progressive profiling

In 2019, we launched a progressive profiling nurture for Adenbrook Homes. Fast forward 3 years and the results are in. (Hint: they’re awesome)

Creating a personalised lead nurture process

Partners since 2018, Social Garden support Adenbrook Homes’ lead nurturing and lead qualification through:

• Pardot nurturing
• Managing their inbound phone line
• Live chat (check out our live chat case study here)

After completing a series of CX workshops in 2019, we launched a progressive profiling nurture to better understand Adenbrook Homes customers’ readiness to purchase.

The key objective was to give customers who were in the early stages of their research journey the opportunity to share details about their needs and preferences over time.

We created a nurture sequence for new and existing leads in the Adenbrook Homes database, prompting prospects to provide further details to allow for more personalised communications.

Owing to a complex integration with Salesforce, the profiling nurture results highlight the success of capturing rich product and intent-based customer information as well as being able to demsontrate ROI.

Check out the strategy and implementation in our Adenbrook Homes Pardot Case Study.



Click to profile rate


Emails delivered between April 2019 and March 2022

Over $20M

Won opportunities from profiled leads


April 2019 – March 2022

To keep conversion high throughout the nurture series we used progressive profiling to collect one data point at a time without asking leads to provide data that was already known in Pardot. This made it easy for leads to profile themselves whilst keeping them engaged throughout the nurture series.

-Chris Laver,
CRM & Marketing Automation Consultant

The value of progressive
profiling with Pardot


Relevant personalisation

By capturing additional product, personal and buying preferences from prospects, we could then personalise future communications at scale.

For example:

• Excluding audiences who already own land in promotions to sell display homes
• Segmenting communications by buyer type
• Recommending home designs in line with the most popular product preferences

Identifying readiness to purchase

Using lead scoring, we could monitor how often prospects would visit websites. Paired with the details captured through the progressive profiling nurture, we then determined when a lead was ready to speak to the sales team. At this point, the lead owner would be sent a notification to contact them.


Seamless integration with Salesforce

We could provide the sales team with context on what the prospect was looking for. Integrating with the opportunity stage also allowed for easy reporting on the effectiveness of the nurture through sales attribution.

Exciting results to date

62% click to
profile rate

A high number of prospects completed the profile form after clicking a CTA link.

144,550 emails

The number of emails delivered between April 2019 and March 2022.

Over $20 million

The incredible value of won opportunities from profiled leads.

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