Creating a best in class customer experience through marketing automation

Learn how Social Garden created a seamless customer experience for Porter Davis through segmented email nurtures.

Which comes first, strategy or technology?

Porter Davis partnered with Social Garden in October 2019 to deliver a new customer experience and sales process through marketing automation. Our work highlights that to be successful, technological solutions need a strong strategy as a starting point.

In a series of collaborative workshops, we identified the ideal future state of Porter Davis’ customer journey, leveraging their existing Salesforce CRM and upcoming Pardot instance.

Together, we sought to answer:

• How do current customers purchase from Porter Davis?
• How can we support the buyer through every step of their journey?
• How can we turn prospects into lifelong customers?

This armed our team with a detailed overview of the customer’s expectations and the job to be done. We then mapped and scoped the changes required in Salesforce, as well as the touchpoints to be delivered in Pardot.


Open rate from re-engagement nurture


Higher average open rate across all nurtures


Higher average click rate across all nurtures


Personalising content at scale

We designed a series of content and email journeys to be segmented by location (state), buyer type (first home buyers and upgraders) and personalised messaging to reflect where a prospect is in their buying journey, supported by a CRM and Pardot integration.

With progressive profiling, prospects could be segmented automatically into a nurture based on their preferences. This creates an experience that feels authentic and relevant to support them in the decision-making process.

Support for sales teams and customers

An ever-green automated experience provides the benefit of both support and relief for the sales team with more data-driven insights, captured in less time. There is no question this creates value for customers too.
So, how do the results of this nurture campaign compare to industry benchmarks? Pretty well we think. Check out our results using Mailchimp’s average email marketing campaign stats for real estate.

Outstanding results above industry average


Peak unique open rate from the re-engagement nurture.


Higher average open rate across all nurtures when compared to the industry average.


Higher average open rate across all nurtures when compared to the industry average.

Key takeaways success

Be purposeful with data capture

Your ability to anticipate customer needs defines your ability to grow. Use lead capture and qualification to identify and support sales ready prospects.

Personalise email content

Consumers expect you to personalise their experience based on the information they share. This is where a strong data-driven approach is crucial.

Be there for every decision

People expect the on-demand experience with instant gratification to meet their needs. Make sure your nurture content and messaging reflects this.


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