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Oxfam Trailwalker is Oxfam Australia’s flagship fundraising event. Oxfam Trailwalker is an endurance challenge which see’s teams of four walk a massive 100km in under 48 hours to raise funds for Oxfam Australia and support people living in poverty around the world.

In mid 2019, Social Garden and the Oxfam Trailwalker team partnered to promote the 2020 Trailwalker events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Learn what we did, and how we achieved these figures, below!



July 2019 - May 2020


Our cost per sale was 33.6% less than the target!


Conversion rate for Melbourne leads.


Walkers registered from paid lead generation.

So how did we do it?

The Social Garden team, led by Account Directors Rosie Brown & Danielle Skitrall, worked closely with the Trailwalker team from Oxfam to create an omni-channel strategy that supported their integrated brand and marketing activity.

We ran advertising campaigns across Facebook, Google and Instagram – with a focus on user-generated content, and a retargeting strategy to nurture leads all the way through to registration.

Our Melbourne based call centre called prospective walkers once they had signed up and provided information on the walk, fundraising and would get them booked into 101 nights. Our sweet spot for connecting with leads over the phone is usually 20 mins – 2 hours post lead submission!

“Social Garden were able to provide valuable insights that helped to continually refine our advertising campaigns and support improved lead conversion. Their client support team delivered added value every step of the way…we were delighted with their performance..”

– Sonya Kennedy, Program Manager, Oxfam Australia

Instagram Stories

The most successful Instagram Stories we produced were of real people walking a section of the trail. The focus for this content was:

  • Short, sharp UGC ads (9-15 seconds max)
  • Using creative overlays that speak to what the ads are about
  • Using real people to showcase the fun and team building component

Facebook Ads

Our creative team implemented feedback from the call centre on the key objections they heard over the phone and created ad content that spoke to these objections. We ensured the creative:

  • Spoke to the wants, needs and fears of the walker
  • Used imagery of real people on the trail
  • Was used to retarget people who dropped off the LCP or had not registered yet

Landing pages

We built landing pages with the primary goal of capturing leads that the Oxfam team and our call-centre could convert. We ensured the landing pages were:

  • CRO optimised
  • Dynamic based on state
  • Giving leads enough information on the event while encouraging them to enter their details and find out more

“The call centre component of this project was crucial in the conversion of leads. While people didn’t often sign-up over the phone, our leads were more likely to convert if they had spoken to an agent.”

- Rosie Brown, Account Director


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