How we overcame niche market challenges for a prestigious apartment & villa development in New Zealand

Safari Group came to Social Garden with a challenge regarding one of their newest high-end, luxury developments in picturesque Queenstown, New Zealand.

The goal was to generate leads, capture high-intent prospects, and ultimately secure sales in a niche market through using our lead generation and lead convert strategies.

The key objective of the lead generation campaign was to drive enquiries and achieve a sales target of three transactions per month. Given the high-end nature of the development, capturing the right leads was paramount.

However, it was also a challenge as Safari Group had observed a 24-hour turnaround time for their sales agents to contact generated leads.


click-through rate


conversion rate


profiling rate

The Team

  • Georgie Millard | Account Manager
  • Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter
  • Kaan Güde | Head of Advertising

The challenge at hand

We identified that there were two significant challenges:

  1. Audience quality: The luxury nature of the property meant that not all generated leads were suitable buyers. Many leads did not meet the calibre expected for such a high-end development.
  2. Lead response time: There was a delay in contacting leads, potentially causing them to lose interest during the wait.
    This is where we stepped in!

This is where we stepped in!

Our primary mission was to generate 33 leads per month while ensuring that every lead received a personal follow-up call.

We understood the significance of timely outreach, aiming to contact all leads within 2 hours of their initial inquiry. This swift response was vital in capturing potential buyers while they were still in the enquiring mindset.

How did we do it?

We utilised Meta for its broad reach and versatility in targeting. We ensured that we included both prospecting and retargeting audiences (new customers and those who had previously interacted with Safari Group’s content) , so that we could build a solid audience pool and increase the visibility of our advertising over the duration of the campaign.

In conjunction with this, we leveraged Google Responsive Ads as they provided us with the ability to capture the high-intent prospects that are actively searching for luxury properties in Queenstown.

Here, we were able to understand just how strong the brand presence was for the project through the number of conversions that were attributed to branded keyword searches.

From a creative perspective, we utilised static, carousel and video ads to highlight the KSPs of the project and create a sense of urgency in the market. To do this, we ensured that we used the ‘Construction Commencing’ messaging as the forefront of the campaign to create a sense of legitimacy and build 
brand trust.

As the campaign continued, we found that the video assets were most effective at converting our audiences as they told a story and enabled our market to resonate with the project.

From a call centre perspective, we ensured that all leads were contacted within 2 hours of being generated so that we were engaging with them while they were still in the enquiring mindset.


Results to write home about

Overall, campaign performance exceeded our expectations, given that this was an extremely 
niche product to work with. We also generated a sale!


click-through rate


conversion rate


profiling rate

Our partnership with Safari Group to promote their luxury property development in Queenstown demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed digital marketing campaign in overcoming niche market challenges and achieving 
remarkable results.

This further emphasises the importance of audience quality and engaging with prospects sooner rather than later, to ensure that they were captured when their interest was at their peak.

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