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In April 2017, with limited internal resources and a tight deadline, Builders Academy Australia (BAA) engaged Social Garden as their marketing automation and CRM implementation partner. This partnership has since evolved into a dynamic relationship, with Social Garden now established as BAA’s digital sales and marketing partner.


Initially, Social Garden worked alongside BAA’s CEO and National Sales Manager to identify the brand’s key content pillars, personas and goals, with a focus on centralising prospect data, increasing conversion rates and in turn, sales.

Faced with a challenging situation where all sales agents were managing their prospects from individual spreadsheets, BAA made the decision to transform their recruitment system to a cloud-based technology suite including Salesforce CRM and Marketo for their marketing automation provider.

Social Garden worked with BAA to outline the technical objectives as outlined below:

  • Upgrade lead management process from multiple excel spreadsheets to Salesforce
  • Migrate contact data from previous email marketing system to Marketo and sync with Salesforce CRM
  • Integrate Salesforce CRM with call centre software to align calls with lead management process
  • Leverage lead scoring to build a lead priority management process
  • Update all website forms and landing pages to Marketo forms

Our consulting services are all about up-skilling our partner and as part of the digital transformation project we:

  • Ran multiple group training sessions with call centre agents, executive and marketing teams hosted at BAA campus
  • Created a Salesforce centre of excellence with user guides for call centre agents
  • Video (recorded) demonstrations for training
  • Devised an email marketing strategy with a roadmap for implementation including guidance and testing support


The result of the digital transformation project means BAA now have:

1. Centralised Lead Management

Their pipeline is centrally managed in Salesforce and can be accessed remotely. Marketo lead scoring enabled to identify ‘hot’ prospects and provide ‘Interesting Insights’ in Salesforce which gives call centre agents far greater visibility and understanding of individual contacts.

2. Automated Reporting

BAA have clear sales funnel visibility (both past performance and future forecasting) through the use of internal dashboards built by Social Garden. Automated weekly reports delivered to marketing and recruitment teams.

3. Integrated Technology Stack

All contacts synced across Marketo and Salesforce. All web forms and campaign landing pages created within Marketo. Social advertising platforms integrated with Marketo and Google AdWords integrated with Salesforce.

The Implementation

Campaign type and volumes

Looking to capitalise on their existing database of over 50,000 leads, BAA engaged Social Garden to conceptualise and deliver a series of nurtures to activate leads based on their status CRM status including; New Leads, Cancelled and Withdrawn. The previous process for these prospects was multiple call attempts or manual emails, from BAA’s Course Advisors with no other touch-points.

Social Garden’s strategy involved a combination of emails, SMS and retargeting social ads. As these leads were marked as New Leads, Cancelled or Withdrawn in the CRM, our approach to communicating with the prospects needed to be carefully planned and tailored to each journey stage. Social Garden worked with BAA to explore the ways to automate communication between Course Advisors and prospects. Ie. Send the first email when 1st and last call attempts are unsuccessful.

The nurture strategy for these leads starts with an autoresponder triggered by the lead status change in CRM, to acknowledge the prospect’s status and to keep them engaged by sending a series of six emails and two SMS’, these email and SMS campaigns are supported by Facebook retargeting of per audiences to direct leads to a request a callback landing page, or send a notification directly to the Course Advisor.

Social Garden has now delivered a student-centric lifecycle marketing program by aligning advertising and Marketo activity to registration data. Based on the data that we have been able to source and align within Salesforce and VETtrak (student management system), we continue optimising marketing and sales activity based on registrations to increase revenue for BAA.

Moreover, the relationship between Social Garden and BAA has brought together different business units from across the training provider and established cross-functional uses of marketing automation across social, content, contact centre, CRM, student management system (VETtrak) and web and marketing automation teams.

Based on marketing automation campaigns we have run, email is currently a strong channel for converting current leads to registrations. It is a crucial part of the multi-touch strategy. 76% of registrations have been impacted by (opened or clicked) at least one email.

Campaign assets delivered by the Social Garden team included; LucidChart diagrams of future campaign flow and strategy including content themes, blog post creation, the design and development of multiple landing pages, a master email template and the development of multiple email variants.


Each nurture has been designed to allow the lead to exist or enter depending on their state in the CRM. We have designed the nurture content and cadence logic (email frequency) so that the longer a lead stays within a CRM stage the fewer emails they will receive and in turn this means some nurtures may run for up to five months should a lead not progress through the sales cycle.Builders Academy Australia - Carpentry Apprentice Form


Social Garden has been able to align our paid media strategy to BAA registration data, meaning that instead of advertising solely based on lead volume, we’re able to identify the channels, placements and messages that are most likely to capture the high-intent audience.

Since the initial setup of the New Leads Nurture, we’ve also been able to increase the cadence of the emails, plus add in dynamic content based on intent to study e.g. Get off the tools, and move into management, and state the leads are based in. The complexity of this set-up is worthwhile, because it means leads are only getting information that is relevant to them, and in turn ensures a stronger chance of conversion for BAA.

In monthly reports provided to BAA, Social Garden is now able to report on the total investment per registration, as well as cost per lead and cost per registration. We’ve been able to integrate Salesforce CRM, Marketo, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn & Google data to provide a single view of the performance of all marketing activities on a cost-per-enrolment basis. The insights we have gathered from this data has given both Social Garden & BAA a better view of the optimal media investment mix which has resulted in a reduction in the cost-per-enrolment since it’s implementation.



Over a six month period, Social Garden and BAA has been able to generate the following results directly from Marketo activity.

  • Over 900 Requested Call-Backs
  • Over 200 Registrations

From the New Leads, Cancelled & Withdrawn nurtures, throughout a 6 month timeline, results were as follows:

New Leads Nurture results

  • Over 28,000 Sent Emails
  • 27.9% Open Rate
  • 9.2% Click to Open Rate
  • 23.4% Click to Requested Callback
  • 13.0% Requested Callback to Registered

Cancelled Nurture results

  • Over 14,000 Sent Emails
  • 20.2% Open Rate
  • 4.0% Click to Open Rate
  • 32.4% Click to Requested Callback
  • 26.3% Requested Callback to Registered

Withdrawn Nurture results:

  • Over 12,000 Sent Emails
  • 19.8% Open Rate
  • 3.2% Click to Open Rate
  • 21.5% Click to Requested Callback
  • 35.2% Requested Callback to Registered

A SMS campaign we ran saw over 1,000 messages sent to BAA leads, the campaign delivered a 13.74% request-a-call back rate.

Furthermore, the result of the sync between Salesforce CRM data and Marketo has enabled our teams to report on tangible outcomes from all campaign activity. Social Garden’s email metrics, exceed industry benchmarks for both open rates and click-through rates and also found 76% of registrations were impacted by Social Garden’s campaigns.


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