How we increased conversion rates for Kangan Institute by 29% with a simple change

In a landscape where capturing the attention of potential students has never been more competitive, Kangan Institute faced the challenge of reaching new audiences and converting their interest into actionable leads.

With the goal of increasing conversion rates on their Landing Page Conversion (LCP), Kangan Institute partnered with Social Garden for help with strategic messaging and funnel strategies.

The primary challenge? Using intentional, data-driven digital advertising to 
effectively engage and convert new users, a task that the client had been struggling to optimise internally.


29% increase

in conversion rate

25% decrease

in cost of conversions thanks to optimisations

33,000 new users

reached thanks to optimisations

The Team

  • Cliodhna Reidy | Account Manager
  • Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter
  • Santiago Garcia | Campaign Manager
  • Claudia Thwaites | Designer Nick
  • Failla | Copywriter

A seamless funnel strategy

At the core of our strategy was a holistic approach that focused on both:

  1. Refining Kangan Institute’s messaging and creative content across the top of the funnel (TOFU)
  2. Implementing a top-middle-bottom funnel strategy designed to build up warm audiences and convert them at key periods

This approach allowed us to drive 1,000 new users to the website and reach 33,000 new users by maintaining consistent TOFU traffic.

By focusing on learning opportunities, industry experience, and in-demand courses, we tailored our messaging to resonate with potential students’ aspirations and needs.

Strategic LCP optimisation

A pivotal game-changer in this campaign was the implementation of the breadcrumb technique on Kangan Institute’s lead capture page.

This technique involved starting the form with one or two low-threat questions that most people wouldn’t find invasive, followed by more sensitive questions as compliance psychology took effect.

This small but strategic modification significantly reduced friction, leading to a remarkable 29% increase in conversion rates on the LCP and reducing the cost of conversion for this variant by 25%.


Results to write home about

The conversion rate on the LCP increased by 29%, demonstrating the efficacy of the breadcrumb technique and strategic funnel optimisation. This success was not just in numbers but also in the efficiency of resources, as evidenced by the 25% reduction in the cost of conversion.


increased conversion rate on the LCP


decrease in cost of conversion


new users reached

“Small changes to reduce friction on the LCP can go a long way to improving conversion. The change on this form was so minute, you’d nearly miss it in a direct comparison — but the results speak for themselves!”

— Cliodhna Reidy | Account Manager

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What do we cover?

  • Lead management fundamentals – stages & scoring
  • Defining your audience using smart lists
  • Multi channel nurturing
  • Creating, managing & personalising content
  • Operational best practices
  • CRM Sync – data sharing & sales enablement with lead scoring and sales insights
  • Reporting & attribution through performance insights

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