How we promoted the NECA Education & Careers brand, new purpose-built campus & short courses

NECA Education and Careers (NECA E&C) is a leading provider of short courses, apprenticeships, and team training in fields such as electrical, data, communications, and automation.

To expand their reach and enhance their brand presence, they partnered with us at Student Garden for a comprehensive Lead Generation Digital Advertising campaign across Meta and Google services.




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Cost per lead (CPL)


  • Digital Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Creative Services
  • Copywriting & Design

The Team

  • Orla Moffatt | Senior Account Manager
  • Toni Macario | Customer Success Lead
  • Serena Young | Campaign Manager
  • Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter
  • Ryan Benniston | Senior Designer

What were the goals and challenges?

NECA Education and Careers (NECA E&C) has a strong brand presense within the electrical industry thanks to its partnerships with training organisations and leveraging the NECA brand.
NECA E&C however was not running any online digital advertising campaigns which impeded their ability to effectively acquire leads, promote their short courses, and establish and grow brand presence in a competitive market. One of their primary goals was to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads for their courses and apprenticeship programs. This was critical, as leads are the lifeblood of any educational institution looking to grow its student base and expand its reach.
In addition to lead generation, NECA E&C faced difficulties in effectively marketing their diverse range of short courses to the right audience. Despite offering a variety of courses in fields such as electrical, data, communications, and automation, they struggled to connect with potential students and communicate the value of their offerings. This challenge was compounded by the fact that their target audience is highly specific, requiring precise and targeted marketing strategies to engage them effectively.
Furthermore, NECA E&C’s branding was not representative of the highly regarded establishment and cutting edge training. As a result, it was not resonating strongly with their target audience. A compelling and recognisable brand is essential for standing out in the crowded education market and attracting prospective students. NECA E&C’s brand image needed to be more appealing and relevant to their target demographic, which is crucial for building trust and credibility.

Strategic Approach

To meet the key objectives, we implemented a strategic approach centered around a comprehensive lead generation campaign:

– Lead Generation Campaign: We ran a targeted campaign that resulted in 606 leads, enhancing NECA E&C’s student acquisition efforts.

– Traffic Generation: We successfully generating 69,757 visits to NECA E&C’s website, increasing brand visibility.

– Cost-Effectiveness: We achieved a cost per lead (CPL) of $92.97, reflecting the efficiency of our advertising spend.

– Platform Performance: Google emerged as the top-performing platform, contributing 57% of the total leads with a more cost-effective CPL of $78.26.


Further optimisations and changes were implemented:

– Creative Changes for Short Courses Ads: We shifted the focus to promoting specific short courses with high potential for attracting leads.

– Internal Campaign/Creative Retrospective: We conducted an internal retrospective to identify top-performing assets and incorporating new overlays to avoid creative fatigue.

– META Lead Ad Forms for Open Days: We ran META lead ad forms specifically for the Dandenong and Carlton campuses to streamline the registration process.

– Development of a New Brand Book: We created a new brand book to improve NECA E&C’s brand image and awareness.

The Results Speak For Themselves

The digital advertising campaign executed yielded impressive results:

Leads Generated: We successfully generated 606 leads.

Traffic to Landing Pages: Directed a total of 69,188 users to the landing pages.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): We achieved an overall CTR of 1.08%.

Cost Per Lead (CPL): We maintained a cost-effective CPL of $93.83.

The success of the campaign not only met but exceeded the key objectives set by NECA NECA E&C, showcasing the effectiveness of an expertly crafted strategy to gain cut through within the education sector.

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What do we cover?

  • Lead management fundamentals – stages & scoring
  • Defining your audience using smart lists
  • Multi channel nurturing
  • Creating, managing & personalising content
  • Operational best practices
  • CRM Sync – data sharing & sales enablement with lead scoring and sales insights
  • Reporting & attribution through performance insights

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