Email & SMS Marketing Services

Increase your campaign return on investment with winning email & sms marketing campaigns. Utilize the best 1:1-in-scale communication you have with your contact list to increase purchases and gain more returning customers.

Nurture prospects with email & sms marketing

  • Determine Email Strategy

    Map out the email marketing goals and nurture prospects with relevant content toward your chosen objectives.

  • Design & Create Content

    Design high performing branded email templates and align copy to each stage of the buyers journey.

  • Build Nurture Logic

    Use marketing automation tools and lead capture to segment your database, determine campaign logic and build out nurture flows.

  • Report & Optimise

    Email Marketing Assessment. Measure each step of your nurtures, determine best performing emails against benchmarks.

Email Marketing software

Our services include execution on existing software and implementations of new platforms. We are certified across a number of different platforms. See our platform section for more details.

The bottom line?

With Social Garden you get:

A marketing “dream team” of top-performing experts (that none of your competitors can steal from you)

The flexibility to hire or change your experts quickly, based on what’s needed to help drive your brand’s growth at every stage

Unbiased monitoring of your Mayple experts on an ongoing basis

Easy-to-use dashboards, tools, and more all in one platform

Reinvigorate your marketing lists

Download the guide to understand best practice list management.

Email marketing thought leadership

Re-engagement best practice

Database management

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