Achieving a 41.04% email open rate with marketing automation for 
Hader Institute of Education

Hader Institute of Education is an RTO that offers online learning in mental health, youth work, community services, and alcohol & other drugs. At the heart of our marketing automation campaign for Hader Institute of Education was a critical challenge: rekindling interest in lost local leads that had grown cold to the institute's traditional outreach methods. Enter, our innovative re-engagement program that’s designed to breathe new life into dormant leads while fostering brand recognition and trust. The program featured a finely-calibrated sequence of six emails and one SMS message, sent out at weekly intervals. Each message was crafted to gauge the recipient's interest in Hader Institute of Education's course offerings, but also to alleviate any potential barriers to enrolment such as concerns about study flexibility and payment plans. The overarching objective was multi-faceted: to reignite these lost leads, and to convert them into active enrolments. Given Hader Institute of Education’s previous challenges, our campaign represented a vital pivot in their marketing strategy.

  • 74,992
  • emails sent
  • 41.04%
  • email open rate (industry benchmark: 23.43%)
  • 3 enrolments
  • from 32 form completions

The Team

Orla Moffatt | Senior Account Manager

Lahvaniya Dhamodaran | Marketing Automation Specialist

Camille Tabagan | Digital Producer

Gemma Lawrence | Senior Copywriter

Dana Wu | UI/UX Designer

Re-engaging with dynamic content

Navigating the complexities of re-engagement requires more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. Our re-engagement campaign for Hader Institute of Education rolled out a series of six emails sent at one-week intervals.

Each email was designed with a purpose—to address a specific concern that might be holding leads back from enrolling. Topics ranged from the dedicated support offered by Course Advisors to personalised study options. The content was crafted to educate, enabling leads to make well-informed decisions. And the timing? We chose a weekly cadence that was subtle enough to remain unobtrusive, but consistent enough to keep Hader Institute of Education lingering in the minds of our audience.

Now, you may wonder how we ensured that our messages were hitting home with each lead. That’s where our Smart Lists came into play. These aren’t your typical mailing lists; they’re dynamic, constantly updating to include leads who show an interest in specific courses. We built these lists within Hader Institute of Education’s preferred platform, Zoho CRM, which was integrated with Zoho Campaigns.

The platform allowed us to craft targeted workflows and was instrumental in delivering messages that resonated with each lead’s individual interests. Within these tailored emails, we included dynamic content—like blogs or additional course information—ensuring that every interaction felt personal and relevant. This not only built trust but also further stimulated engagement, aligning perfectly with our multi-layered objectives.

"We are highly impressed by the team's ingenuity, remarkable efficiency in swiftly turning the campaign around, and the exceptional level of engagement and results achieved with our lead nurture campaign."

— Marcus Sellen
CEO, Hader Institute of Education

"Personalisation serves as the cornerstone for establishing trust, boosting engagement, and infusing a human element into an automated framework."

— Orla Moffatt,
Senior Account Manager

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