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Tiktok… make your ads pop? — The Tiktok Takeoff? One stop shop to Tiktok ?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A Spaceship? NO it’s Tiktok and it is TAKING OFF!!!Think Memes, Vines, Music videos, Lip-Sinking and Self...

2 days ago

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The Ultimate Home Builder Review: Spring Offers 2019

Home builders across the country have continued to deliver their biggest offers in Spring. During the 2019 promotional season we have seen four...

2 weeks ago

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Facebook Attribution Reporting Explained

How does Facebook Attribution work? Relying solely on cookies and last-click attribution won’t give you the whole picture of which parts of your...

2 months ago

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3 Steps Marketing & Sales Need to Plan for Ahead of Christmas

It seems like only yesterday that Spring Promotions went from planned to launched and still there is plenty to be done before the annual migration of...

3 months ago

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5 Ways to Boost Creativity for Incredible Content Campaign Ideas

There was a time when many of us thought about creativity in terms of 0 or 1. You either had it or you didn’t. In other words, you were either...

3 months ago

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Case Study: The Gordon – Lead Generation for International Students

Breaking new ground in the South American student market The Gordon International partnered with Social Garden to execute an international...

3 months ago

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Connecting Your Customer Journey: Salesforce CRM & Paid Media

Data from both paid media channels and CRM platforms are invaluable tools for any marketer. And there was once a time when these two data sets...

4 months ago

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Case Study: TAFE Queensland ‘Avotar Campaign’

Idea TAFE Queensland unlocks authentic brand storytelling to engage school leavers. ServicesLead generation Social media advertising ...

5 months ago

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Case Study: Kangan Institute Instagram and Snapchat Marketing

Here at Social Garden, we’ve been talking about UGC for a while now. UGC, or User Generated Content, turns your audience into your ambassadors...

7 months ago

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Getting quick wins in the final weeks for Semester 1, 2018 intake

When conversation drives conversion Existing data is often put to one side when it comes to recruiting new students. Yet this data presents a great...

10 months ago

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Climbing the Wall – Email Navigation into China

Climbing the Wall - Email Navigation into China With the largest e-commerce market in the world, worth over a staggering $1.1 trillion, China casts...

11 months ago

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Case Study: Content Production – Victoria University Polytechnic

With a team of content creators and hundreds of campaigns delivered, Social Garden has established itself as a competent and effective copywriting...

12 months ago

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