Driving demand at each stage of the apartment project lifecycle for Jinding

Find out how Social Garden built an agile content strategy for Jinding's Sora to drive demand before going to market.

The value of a strategic,
phased release

Jinding’s newest project, Sora, is a luxury beachfront apartment development built for year-round enjoyment on the Gold Coast. The project itself is unique in the market, and we developed a staged content approach to match.

Building momentum and interest in the off-market phase is important groundwork. And in fact, we recommend off-market launches to crystallise your understanding of the market and your customer before going all in at launch time.

Our LeadTech advertising model allowed Jinding to test the waters and gain maximum insights around messaging and audiences before moving Sora to on-market.

How to succeed with an
off-market launch

It was important to us to create a content strategy tailored to each stage of the Sora project lifecycle. An effective off-market launch gives you valuable momentum, so we focused on:

Multivariate landing page testing

This helped us to identify what new customers and Jinding’s existing database would engage with. We also used Unbounce’s AI tool, Smart Traffic, to great effect.

Benefit-driven messaging

Focusing on the USPs of Sora: beachfront views and location, competitive pricing and outstanding amenities. This doesn’t give everything away, but provides enough value upfront.

Speaking to the project timeline

We tailored the language to an off-market audience, with information tailored specifically for buyers looking to purchase off the plan.

Consistent branding

Leveraging the same brand positioning across all digital touchpoints increases retention.

High quality value exchange

We provided our audience with information they couldn’t access via any other means.

What was the impact of our approach?


Overall landing page
conversion rate.


Profiling page conversion,providing
valuable audience insights.

The seamless move
to on-market

The campaign shifted to on-market messaging over December and January of 2021 with results maintained, and in some instances, increased. We attribute this to the success of the off-market campaign in building a qualified database. It also comes down to adapting our content strategy for each stage and audience.

We recommend being prepared to refresh your campaign through each cycle with new messaging to retarget audiences, as well as build out higher intent audiences for lead generation.

Exceptional results to date


Leads converted since
September 2021


Average ad engagement, with
Google peaking at 20%.

Key takeaways for a
phased campaign


Focus on building awareness. Leverage your brand pillars to drive a staged release of content to understand consumer preferences and be agile in your response.


Provide profiling data to the sales team to optimise the next conversion step, and nurture cool/warm leads via email until ready to handover to sales.


Focus on the product features and benefits of available stock, leveraging scarcity and move-in dates. Profiling data at this stage will help the sales team to identify product fit.