Children's Ground

Digital Marketing Campaign

Social Garden was engaged by NFP organisation Children’s Ground for their End-of-Financial-Year campaign with an incredibly quick, same-day turnaround required.

The objectives included:

  • Raising awareness of the campaign
  • Reaching new potential donors
  • Re-engaging previous donors

The challenges included:

  • No technical integration with the client’s website
  • No access to existing databases
  • Limited creative assets
  • Small budget allocation


Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing



What We Did


Provided with access to the client’s Facebook page, we were able to create audiences from their Facebook engagement for retargeting along with lookalikes for prospecting purposes.

We set up re-targeting of previous engagers and fans of the page (11,000 likes) utilised historical data that was readily available and helped to qualify users. This core audience then served as the basis for a lookalike audience.

We also asked the Children’s Ground for a list of common interests or attributes across previous donors to inform interest-based targeting audiences. Areas of interest targeted included:

  • Indigenous performers
  • Left-leaning political parties and associations
  • Charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • Social justice
  • Philanthropy

Through targeting a niche of closely related interests, we narrowed the potential reach for an otherwise large cold audience, while using interests to qualify users for this cause.

We also optimised the campaign for link clicks, to generate a high volume of traffic for the Children’s Ground. Since there was a lack of visibility on users’ actions once on the site (due to being no Tag Manager/Pixel installed).

Users who engaged with the ad then transitioned into the retargeting audience for additional conversion opportunities.


We created four copy variants which included:

  • 2x prospecting (no awareness of Children’s Ground), 2x retargeting (familiar with Children’s Ground)
  • Split-testing emotional appeals vs. practical benefits of donating before June 30
  • Split-testing longer copy vs. short copy optimised for mobile
  • Split-testing first person vs. third person voice for emotional impact
  • Customising call-to-action buttons to convey the desired outcome (donate now)

In Facebook, we ran asset customisation to allow for creative to be dynamic depending on the placement. Formats included:

  • Square images for Instagram feed
  • Rectangular images for Facebook feed

What We Achieved

  • Delivered ads to 9,668 users within a one-week window
  • Delivered 115 link clicks at a cost of $1.74 per click
  • Provided insights to the client around their engaged audience and avenues for future targeting
    • Interest-based audiences generated the highest engagement at an ad level, so the budget was optimised towards this group to maximise performance
    • In prospecting audiences, over 50s were most likely to engage while the majority of retargeting engagement came from under 35s
    • While the client initially identified women as their target demographic, we saw a slight skew towards males under 35 in prospecting activity
  • Provided insights to Children’s Ground around top-performing messaging and tone
    • Long-form copy written in the first person generated more clicks amongst prospecting audiences
      • Likely reflects that cold prospects want to learn more about what they are engaging with
    • Retargeting audiences were more likely to respond to the emotional headline than the one which mentioned Children’s Ground
  • We confirmed that Facebook was the most effective platform for this campaign.

Usually, we’d be like to report on the Cost Per Sale/Cost Per Lead for a project like this, however, Children’s Ground was unable to provide this due to their reporting infrastructure at the time.

“You have enabled us to continue the life-changing work we do, making an impact and bringing us another vital step closer to breaking the cycle of disadvantage with First Nations families. You have made it possible for us to continue creating places of hope, opportunity, social justice, dignity and human rights. With this comes quality in education and wellbeing. I am starting to feel the winds shift behind our sails and 2019 is looking exciting.”

-Jane Vadiveloo, CEO, Children’s Ground


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