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Converting Your Cancelled & Declined Leads

Client Story

Builders Academy Australia (BAA) are a Melbourne based RTO that help aspiring and working tradespeople build a better future through the delivery of certificates and diplomas across the building and construction industry.

Client Challenge

As part of BAA’s ongoing retainer and partnership with Social Garden, over the past 12 months we have been working together to convert disengaged prospects to registered students; those leads who were sitting in Salesforce at stages such as declined, withdrawn, cancelled, long term opportunity.


Social Garden Solution

With the primary focus of BAA’s call center being registration of new leads, Social Garden devised and implemented a nurture strategy involving touch points across email and social media to reconnect these prospects with BAA and the idea of studying.

Social Garden and BAA’s long term partnership has evolved over the past three years to see Social Garden responsible for social advertising, Salesforce and Marketo optimisation, development and support for BAA. This allowed for Social Garden to directly integrate Salesforce and BAA’s Facebook account, bringing to life the social nurture aspect of this strategy.

The social nurture includes an ‘Always On’ approach to serving ads across Facebook and Instagram to prospects sitting at Salesforce opportunity stages declined, withdrawn, cancelled, long term opportunity. Because of the integration between Facebook and Salesforce, these audiences can be updated in real time as the BAA call center is working through new leads, so this social nurture begins as soon as a prospect’s stage is updated in Salesforce. Due to the close and long standing relationship that Social Garden has with BAA, our open dialogue with their call center allows for any and all feedback from prospects on the phones to be directly passed back to the Social Garden campaign and creative teams, informing any optimisations to the social ads.


This social nurture is also complimented by an email nurture for each Salesforce stage, running from Marketo and facilitated by the integration of Salesforce with Marketo. Just as the Facebook audiences grow in real time as do the Marketo segments, allowing for a multi-touch approach to converting disengaged prospects into registrations.

This strategy was based in the idea that those prospects who were sitting at these stages were either not ready to commit right away, or not in a position to commit to study when initially engaged. This approach demonstrates a softer presence and nudge to disengaged prospects, allowing for them to self-serve by electing a callback or reading a student success story, but being served with this option across Facebook, Instagram and email over an extended period of time.


Continued partner success

As a result of our ongoing partnership and Social Garden’s work across all aspects of BAA’s advertising, CRM and MA platform, we are able to measure ROAS for BAA down to an enrolment level. In the long term this has allowed for more transparency and clear results for BAA on their investment with Social Garden, as well as identification of which platforms generate not only leads for BAA, but enrolled students. This ROAS is as granular now for BAA as attributing registrations down to certain ad creatives and keywords on Google.

Success Story

Integrating BAA’s CRM, MA platform and Facebook ad account enabled a multi-touch nurture strategy and unlocked the ability to measure the cost per enrolled (registered) student.

500% increase in registrations from withdrawn leads via email and social nurture over a 6 month period

54.17% increase in registrations attributed to Social Garden marketing activity over a 6 month period

39% increase in monthly registrations directly attributed to social media advertising over a 12 month period

72% of all registrations over a 12 month period attributed to social garden advertising campaigns


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