Boost your social media engagement with social walls

Written by Gaurav Goyal (Guest Author)

Social media walls for events are a unique and organic way to enhance your social media engagement. Events, whether online or offline, are a wonderfully effective way to boost your brand growth and engage your audience.

By using social walls, you will be able to create a live social hub simply by displaying a live feed of posts using your hashtag campaigns.

What is a social wall?

A social wall is a content feed of UGC (User Generated Content) gathered from attendees’ social media accounts across different platforms.

Using social media aggregator tools, UGC is curated and displayed on all areas of marketing touchpoints. These touchpoints could be on a landing page or a physical public space.

Social walls are also known by different names such as social media display, Instagram wall, Twitter wall, or Facebook wall.

Source: g2planet

Tips for creating your social wall

  1. Make sure you have accounts across relevant social media platforms. Use a consistent handle across platforms for ease.
  2. Choose the most effective page or touchpoint for your social wall and embed that in into your official website.
  3. Include information about events, the official website, and even ticketing so everything can be in one place.

The goal is to create a seamless experience for the audience by integrating the social wall from the beginning. This helps to engage audiences from all around during, before, and after the events!

What makes a great social wall?

Design: Consistent branding and a customised social wall will make your curated social feed more appealing for audiences to engage with.

Consolidation: An easy-to-understand process for gathering posts across social platforms is a must. This means consistent keywords, hashtags, profile, and messaging.

Exposure: Maximise audience engagement by making the social wall visible across online and offline spaces. For online this means landing pages, website footers, and even paid advertising. For offline this means digital screens, signage, or projected into relevant public spaces.

Source: Tint

Create quality engagement

Social media marketing is crucial not just in the lead up to events but during and after as well. Audiences need a platform to share their thoughts, photos, and moments. Organisers would do well to take capitalise on the sense of community by providing their audience with a shared social wall!

Guests should be able to join the conversation on social media by using a unique custom hashtag across Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram as well as tagging the official brand/company handle.

Visitors can get an immediate sense of thrill and community by seeing their posts pop-up on the live social media walls in real-time alongside other guests. This unique effect could convince even the most casual social media user to share their experience as well!

Whether it’s a corporate, lifestyle, or conference event, social walls are a simple way to get more eyes on it and intensify engagement.

Stay connected

With more events online, the need for virtual hubs have increased so we have to adapt by creating meaningful experiences remotely. What easier way to feel connected than a simple but effective social media wall?

Brands are always looking for different ways to engage their audiences and enhance their followers. It’s more important than ever to keep your users engaged and excited even when it feels like things are slow.

With communication diverging online, audiences and/or customers are posting comments, DMs, and ideas more frequently than ever. We’re all in the same boat so don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new now that we have the chance to influence more users.

Go forth!

As we navigate the ever-changing future, we must also make sure that our social media marketing techniques are relevant. Therefore it is essential for the brands to put the best attempts for the user engagement that will benefit both your brand and audiences.

Social walls for digital events can become a useful tool for assessing the impact, reach, and engagement of the event. It is crucial we create a social community that benefits both the brand and audience we want to connect with.

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