Social Media Management

We have spent millions of dollars on social media advertising honing our craft and understand so we understand how to deliver the very best return on your investment.

Social media marketing has the ability to profile and target prospective customers on almost every facet of their personal and professional lives. This hyper targeted approach to customer acquisition gives marketers the ability to generate low cost, highly qualified new business opportunities.

If you have a strong understanding of who your target market really is, then you can stop spending money on advertising that isn’t working and start investing and scaling your business with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the many other platforms available to you.


Content Marketing with Social Media

The cat’s out of the bag. Content marketing is delivering massive returns for every company that understands the game and is playing it well.

While content is absolutely critical to digital success in 2014, one of the keys to collecting the returns is getting your distribution channels right – enter social media.

Social’s ability to segment specific parts of your market allows brands to get their content in front of the audience that they’re looking to influence and ultimately convert into customers.

Driving visitors from social across to a more controlled environment such as a website or a landing page is where the big guys are generating all their revenue and where we can help you do the same.

Social Media Community Management

We build brand tribes that convert into paying customers, through creative story telling, influencer marketing and social listening.

Brand tribes are created, nurtured and grown through social media marketing and having the ability to be the pied piper that leads that community is truly an art.

The key to being a great community manager is understanding who your target market really is and then helping them begin their journey, starting as a follower or fan and transitioning them into a paying customer and brand advocate.

With a team of designers, content developers and communication experts working behind the scenes to enrich your social media presence, we do the job no one-person could possibly do by themselves.

Whether you already have a million fans, or are just beginning on your journey – we are ready to take the reigns and lead your tribe into your customer base.

“The team are incredibly flexible and entrepreneurial and
 have worked closely with Kangan Institute to share knowledge and improve our internal capabilities, whilst delivering on specific requirements in an efficient and professional

Caroline Schmidt (Marketing Manager)


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